About Autumn Floods

JonathanYHSimHello and welcome to my blog!

I am Jonathan Sim, and I love to write. I may not know you, but I do hope to develop a friendship with you as you journey with me on this blog, while I share my thoughts and musings about life and the world.

If you’d like to reach out to me for whatever reasons, for a chat, to review a product/service, to borrow a hole puncher (someone recently did that), or to deliver a talk, please contact me here! You may also follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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The Name Explained

The name, “Autumn Floods,” is inspired by Chapter 17 in the book, Zhuangzi (or Chuang Tzu 莊子). It is a profound yet highly inspiring chapter, reminding the reader of the importance of intellectual humility. What we know is never enough, nor should we be absolutely certain about our beliefs – we could always be wrong or misled:

“You can’t discuss the Way with a cramped scholar – he’s shackled by his doctrines. Now you have come out beyond your banks and borders and have seen the great sea – so you realize your own pettiness. … I sit here between heaven and earth as a little stone or a little tree sits on a huge mountain. Since I can see my own smallness, what reason would I have to pride myself?”

(Zhuangzi, Chapter 17, trans. Burton Watson)

Objectives of this Blog

Autumn Floods is a blog run entirely by me, and dedicated to the following objectives:

1. Commentaries about issues that are dear to me, or urgently need discussing. I’d like to focus especially on current affairs, politics, religion, science and technology, government policies, and other trends, both present and emerging. If possible, I would also like to present these issues from a philosophical perspective. There’s too many commentaries from a sociological, or economical perspective. But we rarely come across discussions about the underlying philosophical problems or implications of these matters.

2. Reviews of Products and Services, especially those of local businesses. The problem with many local businesses is that they don’t have a very good publicity engine. Where a business, product, or service is great, I will render due praise. But I wish to go one step further by using these businesses, products or service as case studies for what went right and what didn’t go right. There is much to learn whether we are running a business of our own or not.

3. Interviews with interesting persons. This is inspired from my reading of the Financial Times (FT) over the years. The FT has a weekly lunch interview with famous people. I love the writing style and the kinds of conversation that comes up over a meal. I’d like to do something like that. I think it’ll be an insightful exercise for me, and for my readers.

4. Exploration of interesting places, things, and activities that I discover when I go wandering about.

5. Personal Blog, where I journal about the great and little things in life, about the (mis)adventures and thoughts of my journey through life.


About the Author

Jonathan Sim is a Research Officer in Nanyang Technological University, under the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2013 with a Bachelors of Arts (First Class Honours) degree in Philosophy where he pursued comparative studies between Asian and Western philosophical traditions. Jonathan was also the recipient of the 2012 Confucius Foundation Book Prize for excellence in his pursuit of Chinese philosophy.

Jonathan is currently working on the production of an online course in Chinese philosophy that will be launched some time later this year. His main research interests include ethics, philosophy of science and technology, complexity theory, and various issues in the history of Chinese philosophy, such as the concepts of harmony in classical thought. He is passionate about philosophy and loves discussing philosophical issues with anyone over a cup of coffee.