A Singaporean Company that Makes Awfully Disgusting Buckwheat Coffees and Teas but Claims to be Singapore’s Best

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I have never written a highly negative and damning review before. If it’s a critical review, I’ll usually include something constructive or highlight the product’s redeeming qualities. But this is the first time in my life that I’ve encountered a product that’s so horrendous, there is absolutely nothing positive or redemptive about it that I could comment on. It is truly …

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore

Divine Wine Extraordinaire: A Place with Great Ambiance and Great Wines for Great Company

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A few days ago, I organised a little gathering with friends at the Divine Wine Extraordinaire Bar in Parkview Square. If you’ve never been to Parkview Square, it’s that majestic art deco building diagonally opposite Bugis Junction, that looks like it came out of Gotham City. Some call it the Gotham Building, or the Batman Building (because everybody knows Batman, …

Here's the front of the box!

Teeccino – A tea that aspires to be coffee

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After I blogged about a “A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!”, a friend of mine suggested I try Teeccino. It’s marketed as “America’s #1 Coffee Alternative”, roasted and brewed to taste just like coffee without the caffeine and acidity of coffee. (Personally, coffee without caffeine is heresy! But I’ll give this a go in …


A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!

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I discovered an interesting drink some time ago… It tastes like coffee, smells like coffee, and it even looks like coffee! The weird thing is, it’s NOT coffee at all. I can’t believe it’s not coffee! In fact, it’s a type of tea – barley tea, to be specific. It’s known as “Mugicha” in Japanese, or, “Da Mai Cha (大麦茶)” …

To Have and to Hold

To Have and to Hold

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6 Jan 2014 is a very special date for me and for The Girlfriend. It marked the two years where we got together to enjoy dim sum and tea appreciation (See Yum Cha Dim Sum (飲茶點心)), and it was there that I confessed my love to her (See Prologue to the Relationship). But more importantly, this date is of very special …

My New Workspace Arrangement!

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For me, having a nicely set-up workspace is very important for productivity. It’s not just about having the right tools but it’s also about having the right aesthetic set-up for the most conducive yet enjoyable environment to work in. After all, if I’m going to spend several hours “photosynthesizing” in front of my monitor, I might as well plant myself …


Koala Tea and Exploding Koalas!

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Now, here’s something you don’t usually see at Supermarkets! It’s… Koala Tea! The first thing that came to my mind was – is it made from koalas? I always check out the coffee and tea section of a supermarket and this is the first time I’ve seen such a product! How interesting! Anyway, the koala on the picture looks so …


A Prologue to The Relationship

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A friend of mine suggested that I should record all the fun and romantic stories that I have with The Girlfriend. The Girlfriend thinks that it’s a fantastic idea too! There are several good reasons for it: (1) There’s something very different about recording events as they happen. When events are recorded in the present moment, the present thoughts, feelings, …

Maccha Madness

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A few weeks ago, I decided to check out the Japanese supermarket at Isetan (in Orchard Road). One of the things I enjoy doing when visiting a supermarket is to check out its selection of coffees and teas to see if they have anything interesting to offer. Sure enough, they had something unique! And of course, I had to buy …


Japanese Supermarket: Meidi-ya!

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One of my favourite past times is to visit the Japanese Supermarket, Meidi-ya, at Liang Court (near Clarke Quay). I love this Japanese Supermarket! There’s always something amazing waiting to be discovered! But if that’s not all, there’s a wide variety of awesome high quality products imported directly from Japan! This place is THE supermarket for the Japanese. Come down …

Happy Bak Zhang Day!

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We all need excuses to get together and celebrate friendship! That is why every day which can be turned into a festivity ought to be turned into one! Today is officially known as the Dragon Boat Festival or the Duan Wu Festival (端午節). But I like to call it Bak Zhang Day just to annoy the ultra-traditionalist sort of people …

Tea Time

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Went to enjoy a cup of tea with my friend after my last exam yesterday. We discovered that the National Geographic Shop at Vivocity offered tea at very reasonable prices. I think it makes for a good place to chill with the reasonable pricing and ambience.


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Today’s the second time in this month that I’m seeing a doctor. My left eye has been red for the past few days. According to the doctor, it’s an infection. Phew… I thought it was something much worse that was aggravated by too much studying. Well, doctor said that I can continue doing all the things that I’ve been doing. …