Epic Date is Epic

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10 Feb 2012. In the days before, The Girlfriend was down with stomach flu, and so we weren’t able to go out on a romantic date to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day. Being a Friday, we decided we should go out together after lessons to make up for it. So, off we went to a little island near Harbourfront – no, …

Into the Sunset

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When you’re with the one you love, everything around you becomes beautiful and romantic. Even the annoyance of the sun setting directly in front of you while you’re on the road, thus blinding you in the process – that too becomes a beautiful and romantic sight worth remembering.

Sunset. Evening Sky.

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I love sunsets. I really do. It makes you glad that there’s more to life than work. It reminds you that in the midst of all that hustle and bustle, something beautiful is going on. Here’s some photos of the sunset I took while in school last Sunday. Fading light. Evening night. Darkness starts to fall. Work stops. Silence sings. …

Sunset Over the Tracks

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Took some photos of the sun setting while waiting to meet a friend yesterday at the MRT station. A friend of mine said this yesterday: “No matter how badly the day went, it starts off with an awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset.” And if it were not enough, the moon and the stars glow to draw out the beauty of the …

The Most Awesome Sunset Ever

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NUS is one of the best places I know to catch the sun set. Last Sunday, I was most blessed to witness one of the best sunsets ever! It’s weird, but the sun was red that day. Simply breath-taking! It’s amazing how many beautiful things happen every day, but we’re often too busy to notice. It’s always important to stop …


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Managed to catch a very spectacular sunset this evening while walking around Paya Lebar today with some friends. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunrise or a sunset. A beautiful masterpiece painted by God for us all to see and marvel. The tragedy is that we’re often too busy to notice it.