The Pilot “Tank” Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen (a.k.a Pilot Vintage Fountain Pen)

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I recently discovered a lovely little gem in Mustafa! Here is the Pilot Tank Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen I don’t know what its official name is. The salesman referred to it simply as a vintage Pilot pen. It’s not really a vintage pen, it’s more like a modern re-creation of a vintage edition. Some websites call it the Pilot Tank Non-Self …

Daiso Fountain Pen

Daiso Fountain Pen

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I finally got a hold of the famous yet almost-impossible-to-find Daiso fountain pen! The reason why this pen is so difficult to find is because many pen enthusiasts have bought so many of these pens that stocks of this pen are cleared regularly in a very short span of time. By the time you see reports of sightings of this …

Cheesy Marketing

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One of my favourite hobbies is to walk around aimlessly in a bookshop, looking at stationery. I guess there’s something strangely therapeutic just looking at notepads, pens and coloured pieces of paper. While on one of my regular rounds of observing stationery, one particular product caught my eye: Looks really classy right? I mean… It’s THE  Da Vinci Collection! And …