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Massive Life Changes

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I apologise for the long period of silence. I decided to let my right hand rest for a while (it was hurting so badly). But by the time my hand recovered, I was overwhelmed by life. A lot of interesting things have happened since my last post in April. For one, I finally went on a lovely 17-day honeymoon with The …

"Study or die!"

Perhaps We Have a Wrong Perception of “Naughty” Students

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Some time ago, I was asked to conduct a series of two lectures to a group of secondary school students. This was an after-school activity to enrich the kids. The teacher-in-charge informed me that he had made it mandatory for students to attend the first lecture. The lecture hall was packed. Yet, despite the large numbers, you could easily identify …

Camera 360

Impending Deadline

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I’ve not been updating this blog for a while. I’ve been quite busy writing my Honours dissertation. I’m just happy to say that it’s almost done. All it needs is several rounds of editing before I can declare it as the greatest accomplishment of my life. Anyway, there’s four days left before the submission deadline. I hope to get over …

Drowning in Books

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I’ve not been updating this blog very much lately. The semester started about 3 weeks ago, and already, I’m drowning in a sea of readings. The photo you see above? That’s just some of the books that I have to read within the next one to two weeks. >_<” Ouch. So much work, so little time. Oh well… C’est la …

Campus Living

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I have applied to stay on Campus this semester to avoid the terrible experience last semester of reaching home at midnight every night only to leave the house at 8am for lessons the next day. Staying on campus has been really awesome. I love the environment and the serenity. Here are some photos of my room: Rest. Work and Tea …

Another Overnight Writing Marathon

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It’s 5.35am. Once again, it’s another over-night essay writing marathon. The last essay for the semester. Well, it’s not been much of a marathon. I guess I didn’t have a very restful sleep last night. My ability to think well has been affected. Spent the entire day doing research, the evening doing the outline. And the whole night trying to …

Still in the Library

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What could be better than spending one whole sunday in the university? (Spending one whole Sunday outside the university, perhaps?) It’s 6.50pm. The library has closed, and so, I’m currently at some other area on campus to study. Today is one of the most stressful days ever. I’ve got to prepare for a test tomorrow. On top of that, I’ve …

Working on a Sunday

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I really do not like going to school over the weekends – especially on Sundays. Unfortunately, I cannot avoid doing this today. It turned out that the books which I borrowed on Friday were not related to the essay that I needed to do. I memorised the essay question wrongly. And so, I had to make a trip back to …