The Pantry Chefs at McNair Road

The Pantry Chefs – A Review and Case Study of What Went Wrong and How They Can Improve

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I used to live in McNair Road. It’s a sleepy and quiet neighbourhood that’s almost unknown to everyone. If you’re wondering where it is, it’s about 5-10 minutes away from Boon Keng MRT station. One thing I didn’t like about living in McNair all those years was the fact that there really wasn’t anything exciting within walking distance. The nearest …


The Fantastic Experience of Fine Dining at Casual Dining Prices – Roots Kitchen Bar @ Dickson Road

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Last week, I was invited to review a newly opened restaurant called, “Roots Kitchen Bar.” I was very intrigued by the idea behind their eatery and thought that it would be worthwhile to check it out. What attracted me was the concept behind their restaurant, which was so noble yet simple: To provide the experience of fine dining (i.e. professionally …


A Singaporean Company that Makes Awfully Disgusting Buckwheat Coffees and Teas but Claims to be Singapore’s Best

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I have never written a highly negative and damning review before. If it’s a critical review, I’ll usually include something constructive or highlight the product’s redeeming qualities. But this is the first time in my life that I’ve encountered a product that’s so horrendous, there is absolutely nothing positive or redemptive about it that I could comment on. It is truly …

Fika Swedish Cafe

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro – Swedish Meatballs that Tastes Way Better than Ikea’s!

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A few days ago, a friend brought The Fiancée and I to a Swedish cafe. It’s called, “Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro,” and it is located at 257 Beach Road, at the intersection of Arab Street and Beach Road. (There’s another branch at Millenia Walk too) The front of the cafe. Neither of us have been there before, but we’ve …


Oh My Bacon!

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A few days ago, I visited an eatery with a few friends. We’ve been yearning to visit it for quite some time. Why the yearning? Because it’s a place dedicated to… BACON! Yes! OH MY BACON is it’s name! And oh my bacon indeed! My friend told me about how this place sells everything with bacon in it – including …

Salted egg potato chips and salmon skin! Dangerously addictive.

Deliciously Addictive Salted Egg Goodies!

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Good things must be shared! A few months ago, my colleague introduced me to this website: Irvin’s Salted Eggs. Recent screenshot of their website. They specialise in making delicious potato chips and deep fried salmon skin, seasoned in delicious salted egg sauce! Salted egg potato chips and salmon skin! Dangerously addictive. The very thought of it sounds so good. …

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore

Divine Wine Extraordinaire: A Place with Great Ambiance and Great Wines for Great Company

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A few days ago, I organised a little gathering with friends at the Divine Wine Extraordinaire Bar in Parkview Square. If you’ve never been to Parkview Square, it’s that majestic art deco building diagonally opposite Bugis Junction, that looks like it came out of Gotham City. Some call it the Gotham Building, or the Batman Building (because everybody knows Batman, …

Wasa Sandwich

The Wasa Sandwich Snack from Ikea is the Perfect Snack for Enemies: Do Not Administer to Friends or Self

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Yesterday, I bought a sandwich biscuit thing from Ikea. It looked nice. I thought this might be a good idea for today’s breakfast. Best of all? It’s only SGD$1.80. Wasa Cheese Tomato & Basil Sandwich from Ikea. Only SGD$1.80! Thus far, I’ve tried quite a number of awesome Ikea foods and snacks, and they’ve all been great. So, I thought …

Heart shaped pasta

Heart-Shaped Pasta!

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Last weekend, The Fiancée and I were walking around in the Isetan Supermarket at Westgate Shopping Mall. We were looking for things to cook together when we spotted this: Love Pasta by Dalla Coasta It’s a packet of heart-shaped pasta! In fact, this was the last packet on the shelf! Without hesitation, we grabbed it and bought it! And today, …