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Perhaps We Have a Wrong Perception of “Naughty” Students

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Some time ago, I was asked to conduct a series of two lectures to a group of secondary school students. This was an after-school activity to enrich the kids. The teacher-in-charge informed me that he had made it mandatory for students to attend the first lecture. The lecture hall was packed. Yet, despite the large numbers, you could easily identify …

Complexity Science and Chinese Philosophy

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I’m currently involved in a project that is attempting to bridge Complexity Science with Chinese Philosophy. I’m really excited about it! When I first heard about “Complexity Science”, I was quite puzzled. What on earth is that? Well, complexity science is a relatively new field in the sciences that attempts to study complex systems and phenomena from a non-reductionist manner. It …


Hello Kitty Baby Wipes!

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Recently, The Girlfriend and I visited Batam. As part of our usual hobby, we decided to check out the supermarket. This was what we found: It’s Hello Kitty Baby Wipes! Oh gosh! Hello Kitty look sooo cute on this packaging! It’s even holding a small little teddy bear! Anyway, here’s a little interesting fact about Hello Kitty: Did you know …