A Trip Back to Medieval China: A Visit to Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery (連山雙林寺)

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Several months ago, I went on a field trip to visit the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery. It’s a very important place in the history of Chinese Buddhism here in Singapore. Why? Because it was the very first Buddhist temple that was set up on this tiny little island. In our contemporary society, there’s been quite a huge split between religion …

Into the Sunset

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When you’re with the one you love, everything around you becomes beautiful and romantic. Even the annoyance of the sun setting directly in front of you while you’re on the road, thus blinding you in the process – that too becomes a beautiful and romantic sight worth remembering.


Evening at Marina Bay

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I’d thought it’d be nice to pop by Marina Bay and have a taste of the atmosphere before the massive crowds begin to pour in for the New Year Countdown. It was just 7pm, but you could already see masses of people assembled all over the Bay – some having picnics – with the hope of getting a good view …

Fun with Gel Lenses!

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I’ve been having some fun with the first gel lens that I decided to buy another one today! The grey one creates a star-burst effect while the green one is a fish-eye/wide-angle lens. For readers unfamiliar with this, this lens is to be attached to your phone camera (not necessarily the iPhone). I bought the wide-angle lens at Vivocity. It …

Marina Bay

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I love hanging out at Marina Bay at night. Everything about that place is wonderful. You can stand by the waters, and feels the soft evening breeze pass gently by. The colourful lights decorating all the skyscrapers helps to create a lovely ambience, that’s great for a quiet time alone, or even with friends. Occasionally, one can spot a little …

Fun with a Camera Lens Filter

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Just bought a cheap $4 attachable lens filter for my iPhone yesterday. Thought that it’ll be quite fun to experiment with it during the holidays. Here’s some photos I shot last night from my window. Just for fun, I took a photo of my digital clock to see how it’ll turn out. Same clock, but with software filters added: (Yes… …

Standing in the Rain

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Ahh… It’s lovely to take a walk in the rain. It’s always refreshing, both to the body and to the soul. =) Here’s a little poem that I wrote as recreation amidst the busy schedule: Raindrops gently falling, down from the grey-cloud skies. The smell of fresh cut grass and rain most pleasant sweet. Along the shore, I stand, while …


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Dark clouds. Grey skies. Pouring rain. People running; shelter seeking. Monsoon raining, people fleeing. Rising waters, floods are building. Yet – Stand amidst the chaos striving: Stillness. Watching. Contemplating. Time slows. Motion fades. Stillness. Stillness. Calm amidst the stormy rains.