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Creepy Toy

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Some time ago, The Girlfriend’s dad bought a soft toy monkey for their pet dog. Looks cute right? Even the dog loves it! Many weeks later, we soon discovered that there’s a plastic box inside the soft toy. It turns out that you can squeeze the body of the monkey to activate the circuitry within. So here’s the creepy bit! …


Hello Kitty Baby Wipes!

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Recently, The Girlfriend and I visited Batam. As part of our usual hobby, we decided to check out the supermarket. This was what we found: It’s Hello Kitty Baby Wipes! Oh gosh! Hello Kitty look sooo cute on this packaging! It’s even holding a small little teddy bear! Anyway, here’s a little interesting fact about Hello Kitty: Did you know …

Got it!

Cat and Newspaper

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I realised I haven’t been posting anything about the cat for some time. Well, some time back, I found a new way to play with the cat. It involves putting a stick underneath some newspaper and moving the stick around. This will get the cat very curious and excited! Where is it? Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Got it! Here’s a video!


A Prologue to The Relationship

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A friend of mine suggested that I should record all the fun and romantic stories that I have with The Girlfriend. The Girlfriend thinks that it’s a fantastic idea too! There are several good reasons for it: (1) There’s something very different about recording events as they happen. When events are recorded in the present moment, the present thoughts, feelings, …

Happy Kitty New Year!

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Cai Shen Mao (財神貓, The Cat-god of Fortune) wishes all its readers a Happy Chinese New Year!   恭喜發財!(Gongxi fa cai, May you have a prosperous new year!) 萬事如意!(Wanshi ru yi, May your myriad affairs be meaningful!) 大吉大利!(Daji dali, May you have great luck and prosper!) 龍貓精神!(Lung mao jingshen, May you have the spirit of a dragon and cat! Meow! …

Cat Sleepover

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For many nights, it seemed that the cat really really wants to stay over in our house. Now that it’s the Chinese New Year holidays, I figured I could risk losing sleep for one night in an attempt to train the cat to stay indoors. Last night, I made sure my room was cat-friendly by removing anything fragile, and clearing …


Cai Shen Mao (財神貓)

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I was supposed to be doing work today, but I just had no mood to do anything work-related. Initially, I was complaining to my mum about the lack of Chinese New Year decorations in the home. There’s only one festive decoration in the house – and that’s pasted on my room door. Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing. It was …

Cat Woes

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Many weeks has passed since I’ve adopted the cat as my part-time pet. The honeymoon period has subsided, and the problems often associated with having a cat has arisen. The cat has been scratching shoes, sofas, and even my brother’s brand new piano chair (OUCH! Well, thank goodness it didn’t scratch the piano). Unfortunately, the one that comes regularly, doesn’t …

Two Cats!

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I’ve always had the suspicion that there’s more than one cat visiting our home. The cats that have been coming over are very similar – cute and orange-brown in colour. We’ve heard stories that there are two similar looking cats. My suspicion was finally confirmed one day when another similar looking cat came to visit. It had a different collar. …

Fat Cat and Memory Loss

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They say that cats are good at relieving people’s stress. Maybe when you play with the cat, you simply forget all your worries. Well, in my case, my cat’s very good at erasing my short-term memory. I have learnt a very important lesson. NEVER – and I mean NEVER – ever play with your cat when you’re packing your bags …

More Cat Training

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The cat came by to visit early this morning. It looks like it’s in a really good mood. After feeding it a little breakfast (as I was eating mine), I soon came to a plausible explanation for the cat’s recent misbehaviour, i.e. the scratching, the chewing of shoes, etc. I noticed that the cat hasn’t been using the cat tent …

Cat Training

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Some of my friends noticed that I didn’t post anything about the pet cat in the past three days, and have been asking me about it. Well, a lot of things have happened in the past few days with the cat. First, I got the cat to co-operate with me for a special little mission. I won’t say what it …

Cat Nap

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By the looks of it, my part-time pet cat is fast becoming a full-time pet. Now, it enters the house through the gate whenever it likes. Today, it has gone in and out of the house on its own – three times already! Anyway, here’s a cute picture of the cat sleeping in the tent. The little feather thingy at …