Write Like a Scribe

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These few days, I’ve been reading a book so that I can submit a book review to a journal. It’s often the case that academic books can get rather boring. I decided the best way to make things interesting is to attempt calligraphy while I make annotations. So I took out my trusty dip nib a bottle of ink! My …


My Very Own DIY Midori Notebook

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Over the past 1+ year, I’ve been using a faux leather notebook. Unfortunately, in the recent weeks, some of its parts started to disintegrate. Though, as a whole, the notebook was not usable, the faux leather was still in pretty good condition. It would be a waste to throw it away. While searching for a replacement notebook, I learnt about the …

Camera 360

The History and Idea behind Chinese Paper Offerings and the Variety of Paper Goodies!

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The Chinese festival of Qing Ming (清明節 Qingming Jie) just passed a few days ago. This is the time of the year where Chinese would pay respects to their dearly departed relatives and ancestors by visiting and cleaning up their tombs, and to offer both paper offerings and food. Historically, the ancient Chinese (around the time of Confucius and before) …

Chinese Valentine’s Day: Feast of the Double Sevens (Qixi Jie 七夕節)

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According to the Chinese lunar calendar, yesterday was the Feast of the Double Sevens, also known as Qixi Jie (七夕節). It’s known as the double sevens because it occurs on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s great to be Chinese because there’s more than one Chinese Valentine’s Day! (see Chinese Valentine’s Day) Apparently, it …

Tips on Writing

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I just came out from a really awesome tutorial about how to improve on one’s writing. Many of the points were familiar, but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget them. In fact, when I was reminded about them today, I realised that I have committed a lot of mistakes which I should not have in the first place. …

Origami Neko Returns!

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Just for the fun of it, I brought Origami Neko to school today! I folded this origami cat several months ago. Decided that it’s time to bring it out for a walk. As you can see, Origami Neko loves philosophy! Looking at what he reads, I think it’s safe to assume that he’s an analytic cat philosopher. I meow, therefore …

The Consistency of the Life of Contemplation with the Rest of the “Nicomachean Ethics” and its Usefulness in Morality

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by Jonathan Sim This paper was written for my philosophy module on Aristotle. It concerns my favourite activity – contemplation. I hope that you will find this paper enriching. Aristotle argues that the life of contemplation is more excellent than the life of political excellence. Yet, in doing so, he appears to be inconsistent with the rest of the Nicomachean …