What the fish?!

Two Odd Sightings in Town

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Yesterday, I took a walk around town and spotted two very odd sightings very near to each other. First, there’s a dead fish on the road! What the fish?!   It’s a real fish! A real fish that doesn’t look very excited if you look at its face. For reasons beyond me, it was just lying there, literally, a fish out …

Camera 360

Brunetti at Tanglin Mall

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I don’t always visit Tanglin Mall, but the few times that I’ve been there, I’ve always been very fascinated by a particular cafe there. It’s called “Brunetti.” What fascinates me the most is the amazingly wide variety of gelato flavours! Look at this: Looks so good right? If you go into the cafe, you’ll find more sumptuous goodies! Pastries: More …