The Pilot “Tank” Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen (a.k.a Pilot Vintage Fountain Pen)

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I recently discovered a lovely little gem in Mustafa! Here is the Pilot Tank Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen I don’t know what its official name is. The salesman referred to it simply as a vintage Pilot pen. It’s not really a vintage pen, it’s more like a modern re-creation of a vintage edition. Some websites call it the Pilot Tank Non-Self …

What a beautiful can, what an interesting flavour!

Coca-Cola Cherry – The Perfect Synthesis of Everything You Hate in Coke and Cough Syrup

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I was shopping at Mustafa yesterday when I saw this: What a beautiful can, what an interesting flavour! It’s Coca-cola Cherry Flavour. I thought to myself: Oh, what an interesting flavour! Plus, I was very attracted to the colour of the can. So pretty! The Fiancée warned that it might just taste like cough syrup and coke, as is the …


Odd Foods at Mustafa

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The other day, I was taking a walk around Mustafa (a giant 24-hour mall that sells EVERYTHING) when I found this at the frozen food section: It’s FISH-LESS FINGERS!!! Enjoy the goodness of fish fingers without the fish! I love how the sub-heading says: “Fish without the fish-in!” You’re probably wondering… So what is in it? Well, according to the …