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Quiet Start to the Day

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Lately, one of the things I’ve been doing almost every morning is to go to the food court in school for a delicious dim sum breakfast. The university just opened a new food court which is quite affordable. And they sell delicious dim sum! Now, my morning ritual consists of chee cheong fan (steamed rice rolls) with either siew mai …

Breakfast Delight!

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Sometime back in May, The Girlfriend came by to my house early in the morning. She had woken up really really early in the morning to give her mother a lift to the airport. The first thing she did was to take a nap because she was just sooooo sleepy. We were originally supposed to cook and eat breakfast together. …

Sunrise on a Sunday

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I’ve been awake since 4am today. Had a really bad dream where my friend and I were attacked by a swarm of religious fundamentalist aunties. Don’t let their veil of piety fool you! =p Hmmm… Stupid dream. Couldn’t go back to sleep after that. 4am. All is still. After a very futile attempt to return to sleep, I decided that …