Technology and the Human Problems that Come Along with it

Technology and the human problems that come along with it

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The biggest problems of technology are not technical problems but human problems. While it is indeed true that technology is designed to solve a problem, thereby improving our lives in a certain way, what we don’t often realise is that at the same time, we introduce an array of changes, sometimes anticipated, but more often than not, unanticipated changes that negatively …

Chuang Tzu Chapter 17 (Autumn Floods)

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井蛙不可以語於海者,拘於虛也;夏蟲不可以語於冰者,篤於時也;曲士不可以語於道者,束於教也。今爾出於崖涘,觀於大海, 乃知爾醜,爾將可與語大理矣。天下之水,莫大於海,萬川歸之,不知何時止而不盈;尾閭泄之,不知何時已而不虛;春秋不變,水旱不知。此其過江河之流,不可 為量數。而吾未嘗以此自多者,自以比形於天地而受氣於陰陽,吾在天地之間,猶小石小木之在大山也,方存乎見少,又奚以自多!計四海之在天地之間也,不似礨 空之在大澤乎?計中國之在海內,不似稊米之在大倉乎?號物之數謂之萬,人處一焉;人卒九州,穀食之所生,舟車之所通,人處一焉。此其比萬物也,不似豪末之 在於馬體乎? Chuang Tzu (莊子), 17.2 Translation mine: The frog in the well cannot speak of the sea, his understanding is constrained by the hole of the well. The summer insect cannot speak of ice, his reliability is limited by the season. The narrow-minded scholar cannot speak about the Tao, he is restrained by his teaching. Today …