Eating Healthy, Saving Money

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Today, I’ve started experimenting with a muesli mix diet for lunch. I figured it’ll be good for my health (more fibre, more vitamins, more… errr… stuff!), and, I’ll probably save some money while I’m at it. Don’t worry, I won’t be eating this everyday. I’ll eat this on alternate days. Muesli is basically a mix of grains, nuts, and dried …

Third Time Hospitalised and the Importance of a Good Insurance Policy

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Well, as I expected, I got hospitalised… for the third time this year! This time, I was in the hospital for almost a week. And this happened just a few days after I got discharged from my previous (second) hospitalisation! When I got discharged, I wasn’t fully recovered, but it seems that I was recovering pretty well. Unfortunately, it sucks …

The Scary Thing About Money

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The scary thing about money is that it can make you very deluded. Recently, someone I know won the lottery. In an instant, it was as if that person was possessed by another spirit! Not only did his personality change, but I’ve never seen someone possess way too much confidence in my entire life. He seemed to have forgotten that all …

Death puts life into proper perspective.

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Death (our own death) puts life into proper perspective. Things that seemed important recede into triviality when you’re dying – things like fame and money and stuff. And things we usually ignore – things like love, trust, honesty, self-giving, and forgiveness – these stand out as infinitely more important in light of death. Death’s dark light is pretty bright! Whatever …

I Pay Myself!

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Hahaha… My friend, whose nickname is “Nana”, saw the previous drawing and asked me to draw a cartoon of her. Jokingly, I asked her to pay for my drawing services. To which she replied, “I’ll pay with a smile. I need not pay me.” It was a typo error, but I simply couldn’t resist drawing this based on that typo.