Oh fridge!

Stocking up my mini fridge!

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Alright! I’m so excited about my new (and free!) mini fridge that I went out to the the nearest convenience shop during lunch to get some milk. (See “A Fridge with an Identity Crisis” for an earlier post about this fridge) As this fridge is very small, I can only fit in small bottles/cartons of milk. To my annoyance, the …


Mocha with what?

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I visited Johor Bahru more than a week ago. There’s this new mall next to City Square Mall. It’s called Komtar. In there is a very atas (upmarket) supermarket. Thought it’d be interesting to check it out. Here’s one product that stood out among the shelves. I picked it up, looked at it, got disgusted and put it back on the …

2014-05-07 07.50.18

Someone’s Milking Cows in Singapore and Selling Their Milk!!!

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If you’ve been visiting supermarkets in Singapore lately (especially NTUC), you might have noticed a rather odd brand and packaging that doesn’t blend in at all with all the other milk brands. What am I talking about? This: Holy cow! It’s Vishnu Fresh Milk! It says on the bottle that it’s pure cow’s milk, fresh from Singapore’s own dairy farm. …

Delicious Milk!

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Here’s a short post since I don’t have much time to write a lot. By chance, I came across the most delicious milk EVER! The other day, The Girlfriend wanted to cook lunch. But there was no more milk. So down I went to the convenience shop just below. There weren’t many varieties available. All they had were low fat …

Cat, again!

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Just now, I went down to the void deck to find the cat. We saw each other from quite a distance. Once I clapped my hands twice, it started running towards me! Sooooo cuuuteeee!!! Today, we decided to feed it with the newly bought can of “Fancy Feast” cat food. Wow… You should see how fast it gobbled it up! …