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Pets and Food

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Yesterday, I was out running an errand when I spotted this sign outside a KFC outlet: The sign says: “No pets and other food allowed.” Oh my goodness! This is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing! So you mean I can’t eat my pet in this KFC? What if my pet’s a chicken? (Haha… I know it means pets and outside …


My Dream Sewing Machine

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It’s amazing just how much technology has developed! Even the humble sewing machine has evolved into something really awesome! Let me show you my dream sewing machine: Oh wow… I can’t wait for the day I get this! It’s on my wish list. Unfortunately, I’m not able to afford it because these super high-tech sewing machines cost more than SGD$1000! …


Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage

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Today, my friend and I crossed the Causeway for a little pilgrimage to a very special place in our hearts – both figuratively and literally (more about that later! Haha!) As it turns out, the Causeway today was extremely busy because of the annual Chingay procession, which is an extremely large-scale Chinese religious procession. No, we weren’t there for the …


Malaysia KFC

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If you have friends from Malaysia, you’ve probably heard them say that the KFC there tastes way better than the KFC in Singapore. I’ve heard it said many many times, and as a huge lover of fried chicken, I’ve been yearning to have a taste of the awesome Malaysian fried chicken. Last Sunday, I finally had a chance! Unfortunately, I …