WWXD: What would Xunzi do?

What does Xunzi have to say about rituals and social justice?

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This post will be a follow up to my previous post (see Investigating the Relationship between Ritual Propriety and Social Justice in the Early Confucian Tradition), where I will explore the relationship between li (ritual/ritual propriety) and social justice as found in the works of Xunzi, another pre-Qin Confucian philosopher. WWXD: What would Xunzi do? Or rather, WWXS: What would …

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A “Just Desert” is Not a Land of Righteous Sand, and a “Just Dessert” is a Rightly Portioned Cake with Ice Cream

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Here’s a little-known trivia about the English language. I was reading a book on Political Philosophy when I encountered this: WHAT?! The first thing that went through my head was: What does that mean? For the rest of the chapter, the author continued to use the word, “desert,” but in ways that were so unusual to me. How is a …

Analects 13.3

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君子於其所不知,蓋闕如也。 Confucius (孔子), The Analects (論語), 13.3 Translation (Chad Hansen): With regard to what he does not know, the superior man (the Gentleman) should maintain an attitude of reserve. The worst thing that we can do to any person, organisation, or theory, is to speak about it with confidence when we ourselves are unsure about it, or have never verified …