Fear is the Mind-Killer

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[ You are seeing this post in your e-mail because I’m migrating old posts from my previous blog to the current one. My apologies for the inconvenience caused. Nonetheless, if you haven’t read this article before, please go ahead and do so! :) ] Recently, The Girlfriend and I went to Batam for a short holiday. We didn’t plan this …

《人生十四最》 (The 14 Guidance of Human Life)

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一、人生最大的敵人是自己 二、人生最大的失敗是自大 三、人生最大的欺騙是無智 四、人生最大的悲哀是嫉妒 五、人生最大的錯誤是自棄 六、人生最大的罪過是自欺 七、人生最大的可憐是自卑 八、人生最大的佩服是精進 九、人生最大的破產是絕望 十、人生最大的財富是健康 十一、人生最大的債務是人情 十二、人生最大的禮物是寬恕 十三、人生最大的缺欠是悲智 十四、人生最大的欣慰是布施 Translation mine: 1. Life’s greatest enemy is one’s self. 2. Life’s greatest failure is arrogance. 3. Life’s greatest deceit is ignorance 4. Life’s greatest sorrow is jealousy. 5. Life’s greatest error is in giving up. 6. Life’s greatest sin is to lie to one’s self. 7. …

Being Human

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The Chinese character for man (male and female) is 人 (ren) In Chinese culture, ren (人) does not refer to the biological understanding of man. Rather, it refers to what a man ought to be – what makes a man a fully human person. One big difference between Western and Chinese philosophy is that in Western philosophy, the major question …