Hello Kitty Baby Wipes!

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Recently, The Girlfriend and I visited Batam. As part of our usual hobby, we decided to check out the supermarket. This was what we found: It’s Hello Kitty Baby Wipes! Oh gosh! Hello Kitty look sooo cute on this packaging! It’s even holding a small little teddy bear! Anyway, here’s a little interesting fact about Hello Kitty: Did you know …


Exciting Deodorant!

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I was taking a walk in the supermarket earlier this morning. I noticed they had a silly sign to point out deodorants in the aisle. What makes it look really silly was just how excited and happy the girl was as she sprayed deo on her armpits (with her mouth wide open). I turned to The Girlfriend and asked, “Do …

Hello Kitty Merchandise!

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Yesterday, I walked into Watson’s with The Girlfriend and her mum. I was quite amused by what’s on sale! They have… Hello Kitty merchandise! An entire display stand FULL of Hello Kitty personal hygiene and care products! I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty, but I was just so amused! The products are all super cute! So, what’s on sale? …