Technology and the Human Problems that Come Along with it

Technology and the human problems that come along with it

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The biggest problems of technology are not technical problems but human problems. While it is indeed true that technology is designed to solve a problem, thereby improving our lives in a certain way, what we don’t often realise is that at the same time, we introduce an array of changes, sometimes anticipated, but more often than not, unanticipated changes that negatively …


Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage

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Today, my friend and I crossed the Causeway for a little pilgrimage to a very special place in our hearts – both figuratively and literally (more about that later! Haha!) As it turns out, the Causeway today was extremely busy because of the annual Chingay procession, which is an extremely large-scale Chinese religious procession. No, we weren’t there for the …

To Love is to Delight

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One of the best definitions of love that I’ve encountered is this: Love is to delight in the existence of the other. (Fr. David Garcia, O.P.) Isn’t it the case that when people are in love, they cannot stop thinking of the other? They would love to spend, if possible, all their time with the other. Why is that the …