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Why I Avoid Eye Contact in Lifts

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If you’ve ever encountered me in the lift, you’d realised that I’ll just enter the lift and not make any eye contact. I might not even notice you in the lift, even if you’ve tried waving at me. Well, you have to wave very violently to attract my peripheral vision, or at least call out my name. There’s a good reason …


Monocle Madness

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I recently ordered a monocle from eBay and it arrived today! It’s not the first time I’ve got a monocle. The last time The Fiancée went to the US, I pestered her to get one for me. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced that monocle. Oops… Anyway, for random and unknown reasons, I’ve found a deep compulsion within me to …


Funny Sights in Malaysia

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I recently went on a short trip to Malaysia, and had the chance to walk around for a bit. Here are some funny sights I saw! 1. Deformed Blocks! Why buy Lego when you can buy “Deformed Blocks?” Buy this set and you can build a (sub)Optimus Prime with Down Syndrome!   2. Brutally Honest Sign This sign made me laugh only because they’re …

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Look at that Big Ass Fan!

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If you’ve ever walked around NUS or NTU, you would have probably seen enormous fans hanging down from the ceiling. Well, have you ever looked closely at the fan? If not, here’s a photo: There’s a donkey on the fan! Well, it’s not just a donkey. It’s an ass – a BIG ASS! Turns out, that’s the brand name of the …

Camera 360

Pets and Food

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Yesterday, I was out running an errand when I spotted this sign outside a KFC outlet: The sign says: “No pets and other food allowed.” Oh my goodness! This is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing! So you mean I can’t eat my pet in this KFC? What if my pet’s a chicken? (Haha… I know it means pets and outside …



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Heehee… I went to the toilet just now and overheard someone doing business over the phone while doing business in the toilet! That’s what I call MULTI-TASKING! Posted about this on Facebook. Heehee… I love the comments! Q: What if the auto flush goes off? Me: Roooooooyyyaaaaaaal flush! HUAT AH! (Translation: PROSPER!!! WOOHOO!!!) Royal flush! Heehee…


Why do Chinese Immortals have such Huge Foreheads?

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Chinese New Year is coming. Chances are, one of the homes you visit will have a statue or picture of a Taoist Immortal. Well, here’s something that will be an interesting conversation starter (or, a conversation ender – depending on your relationship with your relatives). If you’ve never seen a Taoist immortal, here’s a sample picture: Source: https://mtdata.ru/u30/photo463C/20239156460-0/original.jpg Look at …

I LOVE this bus stop ad!

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For those unfamiliar with Greek Mythology, Narcissus was some Greek guy who was so good looking both men and women fell in love with him at first sight. Some goddess got so jealous of his beauty that she wanted to get rid of him. What she did was to lure Narcissus to a pool of water where he saw himself …

Metaphor FAIL

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Every now and then, we say something really stupid without realising it. And then the embarassment sets in when someone corrects you. Today was one such moment. The conversation went like this: Me: I’m like a sheep led silently to the slaughter. But don’t worry! When that day comes, I’ll make sure that I am extra woolly! Friend: Wait! That …

Danger: Really Bad Sign Ahead

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Saw this ambiguous sign at Labrador Park yesterday. What could this mean? Danger! Do not bang your groin against the “do-not” red line! Danger! Beware of mysterious red object which will attack you in the groin! Danger! High potential for losing your chance at celebrating Father’s Day! There’s just too many interpretations! O_O Besides, the guy in the sign looks …