Mocha with what?

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I visited Johor Bahru more than a week ago. There’s this new mall next to City Square Mall. It’s called Komtar. In there is a very atas (upmarket) supermarket. Thought it’d be interesting to check it out. Here’s one product that stood out among the shelves. I picked it up, looked at it, got disgusted and put it back on the …

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Another Attempt at Eating Healthy

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I’ve reached the age where my body’s metabolism has gone down drastically to the point that it’s very easy to gain weight, but very difficult to lose it. This week, I’m trying to instil a healthy eating regime, once again! The motivation for this came from a book that I recently read. It’s by Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert), …

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Someone’s Milking Cows in Singapore and Selling Their Milk!!!

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If you’ve been visiting supermarkets in Singapore lately (especially NTUC), you might have noticed a rather odd brand and packaging that doesn’t blend in at all with all the other milk brands. What am I talking about? This: Holy cow! It’s Vishnu Fresh Milk! It says on the bottle that it’s pure cow’s milk, fresh from Singapore’s own dairy farm. …

Cheesy Marketing

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One of my favourite hobbies is to walk around aimlessly in a bookshop, looking at stationery. I guess there’s something strangely therapeutic just looking at notepads, pens and coloured pieces of paper. While on one of my regular rounds of observing stationery, one particular product caught my eye: Looks really classy right? I mean… It’s THE  Da Vinci Collection! And …

Camouflage FAIL

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A few days ago, I was on a bus travelling on one of the expressways. During my journey, I spotted a government facility that was camouflaged in the midst of all the vegetation on the side of the expressway. Guess what made that camouflaged building so easy to spot? The building had a HUGE signage of the organisation’s name!!! Not …

Metaphor FAIL

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Every now and then, we say something really stupid without realising it. And then the embarassment sets in when someone corrects you. Today was one such moment. The conversation went like this: Me: I’m like a sheep led silently to the slaughter. But don’t worry! When that day comes, I’ll make sure that I am extra woolly! Friend: Wait! That …