Technology and the Human Problems that Come Along with it

Technology and the human problems that come along with it

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The biggest problems of technology are not technical problems but human problems. While it is indeed true that technology is designed to solve a problem, thereby improving our lives in a certain way, what we don’t often realise is that at the same time, we introduce an array of changes, sometimes anticipated, but more often than not, unanticipated changes that negatively …

Honours Thesis on Notions of Harmony in Classical Chinese Thought

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I’ve decided I’ll start a new category on my blog to talk about my Honours thesis. Ever since I’ve been hospitalised, I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate and write philosophical essays. However, I don’t seem to have this problem when it comes to blogging. I’m guessing blogging about my thesis might help me out a bit. As an …

Books, books, and more books!

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How should one spend a beautiful Saturday? By reading – of course! Stacks and stacks of books! I’m being very optimistic. I probably won’t be able to finish reading everything, but I’d like to finish reading everything by the time the library closes (10pm). I’ve got materials ranging from Taoism to Zen Buddhism, and even stuff about Traditional Chinese Medicine. …