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Ikea Coffee Beans!

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I visited Ikea yesterday and I was quite surprised to learn that they sell Ikea Coffee Beans! Look at that! Coffee beans! 8.8 ounces of caffeine goodness for SGD$4.50! Amazing! A usual bag of about 8 ounces costs SGD$7.90 to SGD$12 (or more if you buy very branded coffee). So, not only is it cheaper, you actually get a little …

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Someone’s Milking Cows in Singapore and Selling Their Milk!!!

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If you’ve been visiting supermarkets in Singapore lately (especially NTUC), you might have noticed a rather odd brand and packaging that doesn’t blend in at all with all the other milk brands. What am I talking about? This: Holy cow! It’s Vishnu Fresh Milk! It says on the bottle that it’s pure cow’s milk, fresh from Singapore’s own dairy farm. …

Cookie Monster without Cookies!

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I walked into an organic supermarket in Tanglin Mall, called “Brown Rice Paradise,” several weeks ago and I was pretty surprised and amused by one particular product: Oh my goodness! Cookie Monster is eating oranges!!! He has gone healthy! Gone are the days of his unhealthy cookie eating ways! NOOOooooooo….. Anyway, if you’re wondering what’s in the box, there’s four …

Coke Boiled with Ginger

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This has got to be the craziest sounding drink EVER! The other day, I was at Central, a Hong Kong cafe located at Star Vista Mall (the newly opened mall next to Buona Vista MRT station), for dinner. While looking at the menu trying to figure out what I should eat, one item in the menu stood out. Take a …

Monocle Madness!

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Heehee… The Girlfriend got me a monocle when she was away in the US. Ok, she didn’t get it on her own. I pestered her to help me get one while she was there. It’s just a few dollars, so I thought: Why not? It’ll be fun to get one just to amuse myself and everyone else. =P Here’s me …

Delicious Milk!

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Here’s a short post since I don’t have much time to write a lot. By chance, I came across the most delicious milk EVER! The other day, The Girlfriend wanted to cook lunch. But there was no more milk. So down I went to the convenience shop just below. There weren’t many varieties available. All they had were low fat …