Cat World!

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I really should be doing my work, but this is just too cool not to share. I’ve been trying to get a cat cage so that I can adopt a little kitten. It’ll be nice for my part-time pet cat to have more friends to play with. And… Auntie Winnie (the auntie who feeds strays) has an enormous cage full …

Sleepy Crab

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There are many things in life that don’t seem to make sense. One of them – at least to me – is this: WordPress has a statistics page that tells me what search terms people use to visit this blog. One of the oddest search terms that has come up in the past two days is the search term, “sleepy …

Figure Drawing

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Tried drawing a female character using the Japanese calligraphy marker. I love how calligraphy classes has helped me gain a lot of control over the movement of the brush and even the calligraphy marker! Today, I tried drawing a female warrior character. She looks a bit stiff though. Oh well… As they say: Practice makes perfect.

Fun with Chinese: Tomato!

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I’ve been trying my best to update this on a regular basis, but it’s not been easy because of a lack of ideas. Anyway, I learnt this fun Chinese fact today! You can check a Chinese dictionary to verify. =D The tomato is barbaric (foreign) because it was brought into China from the other side of the world. If you …

First Colour Pencil Drawing

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At last! I finally got myself to try drawing in colour. For the past one year, I’ve been doing my drawings in black and white (and some shades of grey). Well, here’s my first attempt: Drew this from memory. I saw this scene at a wedding the other day. The mother was holding her cute daughter, and was playing with …

The Confucian Fangirl!

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Yesterday, someone remarked that he knows of a Confucian Fangirl. Was inspired to draw this today after spending the whole day studying Confucian texts. Wanted to give her a pony tail, but I can’t seem to get draw it right. The Chinese words in calligraphy style were painfully traced using the digital tablet. Not easy, but it’s amazing what a …

Existential Crisis

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Drew this after a funny incident happened a few days ago… Had spent the whole night up writing an essay. Took a nap the next morning in the library. 30 minutes later, I woke up wanting to scream, “WHO AM I?! WHY AM I HERE?!” Good thing something was telling me that this is a place of silence, otherwise it …