Fika Swedish Cafe

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro – Swedish Meatballs that Tastes Way Better than Ikea’s!

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A few days ago, a friend brought The Fiancée and I to a Swedish cafe. It’s called, “Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro,” and it is located at 257 Beach Road, at the intersection of Arab Street and Beach Road. (There’s another branch at Millenia Walk too) The front of the cafe. Neither of us have been there before, but we’ve …

Salted egg potato chips and salmon skin! Dangerously addictive.

Deliciously Addictive Salted Egg Goodies!

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Good things must be shared! A few months ago, my colleague introduced me to this website: Irvin’s Salted Eggs. Recent screenshot of their website. They specialise in making delicious potato chips and deep fried salmon skin, seasoned in delicious salted egg sauce! Salted egg potato chips and salmon skin! Dangerously addictive. The very thought of it sounds so good. …

Yummy yam paste!

Mooncake Making Workshop

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It’s the eighth month of the lunar calendar. That means the Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon! Tis the season where mooncakes are in abundance! YUM! I love mooncakes! I’ve never attended cooking classes at the community centre before. But I’ve always heard so much about them. A few days ago, out of curiosity, The Girlfriend and I walked into …

Fully Loaded Pizza! MMMMmmm... Great choice!

A Delightful Brunch

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Today, The Girlfriend and I decided to enjoy a slow and leisurely, yet very indulgent brunch (breakfast plus lunch). We decided that at least once a month, we should pamper ourselves and indulge a little in good quality breads, cheese, fresh produce, and anything else that would contribute to a hearty and delicious meal. So, what’s on the menu? Well… …

Don't worry about the charred bits. You can remove them. I assure you, the tomatoes will taste so heavenly once it has been roasted for an hour.

Roasted Tomato Sandwich

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Here’s a follow up to a recent post (See Two Lessons from Recent Cooking Experiments)… In the previous post, I was too excited that I forgot to take photos of the delicious roasted tomatoes. Well, I’ve made another batch of roasted tomatoes and put them in a really delicious sandwich! Here’s a quick recap of how to make roasted tomatoes: …


Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage

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Today, my friend and I crossed the Causeway for a little pilgrimage to a very special place in our hearts – both figuratively and literally (more about that later! Haha!) As it turns out, the Causeway today was extremely busy because of the annual Chingay procession, which is an extremely large-scale Chinese religious procession. No, we weren’t there for the …


Malaysia KFC

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If you have friends from Malaysia, you’ve probably heard them say that the KFC there tastes way better than the KFC in Singapore. I’ve heard it said many many times, and as a huge lover of fried chicken, I’ve been yearning to have a taste of the awesome Malaysian fried chicken. Last Sunday, I finally had a chance! Unfortunately, I …


Tiong Bahru Bakery

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Several weeks ago, The Girlfriend and I were walking around Tiong Bahru looking for a place to eat. We chanced upon this cafe and it looked very interesting! It’s called the Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier. Don’t let the logo fool you. While it may seem like a Chinese cafe, it has absolutely nothing Chinese at all. In fact, …

The Joys of a Packed Lunch!

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Here’s a photo of the things that I always carry with me: Looking at this photo, you can probably guess what’s my favourite colour. =P Black bag, black thermos flask, black memopad, black laptop (Macbook Air with a black casing), black pen, black wallet, black handphone (I’m using it to take the photo, so it’s not in the picture). Now, …

Delicious Milk!

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Here’s a short post since I don’t have much time to write a lot. By chance, I came across the most delicious milk EVER! The other day, The Girlfriend wanted to cook lunch. But there was no more milk. So down I went to the convenience shop just below. There weren’t many varieties available. All they had were low fat …

Chicken Merryland

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Here’s a dish that’s unique to Singapore’s colonial days. It’s something our parents (and/or grandparents) might have eaten in the days before Independence. It’s called… Chicken Merryland! What’s in it? Get this… Hainanese-style breaded fried chicken Baked beans Potato wedges Grilled tomato Sunny side up fried egg BACON STRIPS Goreng pisang (deep fried banana) Here’s how it looks: Mouth-watering awesomeness! …