The Pilot “Tank” Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen (a.k.a Pilot Vintage Fountain Pen)

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I recently discovered a lovely little gem in Mustafa! Here is the Pilot Tank Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen I don’t know what its official name is. The salesman referred to it simply as a vintage Pilot pen. It’s not really a vintage pen, it’s more like a modern re-creation of a vintage edition. Some websites call it the Pilot Tank Non-Self …

Fountain Pen Nib Grinding

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I’ve been a huge fan of fountain pens. The writing is really smooth, and the best part is that it’s very ergonomic! I’ve read articles on the internet about how the increased usage of computers has conditioned us to hold the pen like a mouse, gripping the pen with far too much force than is necessary, thus straining our wrist. It’s …