Learn Singaporean Chinese Dialects!

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The other day, I visited the library and found these books: They are locally made by a group known as Sibey Nostalgic (http://www.facebook.com/sibeynostalgic). Each book will teach you 52 basic words in Singaporean Hokkien, Cantonese, or Teochew (apparently, there’s also a Hainanese edition, but the library didn’t have it). I specifically mentioned “Singaporean,” because many of these dialect words are …


Why do Chinese Immortals have such Huge Foreheads?

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Chinese New Year is coming. Chances are, one of the homes you visit will have a statue or picture of a Taoist Immortal. Well, here’s something that will be an interesting conversation starter (or, a conversation ender – depending on your relationship with your relatives). If you’ve never seen a Taoist immortal, here’s a sample picture: Source: https://mtdata.ru/u30/photo463C/20239156460-0/original.jpg Look at …