The Pantry Chefs at McNair Road

The Pantry Chefs – A Review and Case Study of What Went Wrong and How They Can Improve

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I used to live in McNair Road. It’s a sleepy and quiet neighbourhood that’s almost unknown to everyone. If you’re wondering where it is, it’s about 5-10 minutes away from Boon Keng MRT station. One thing I didn’t like about living in McNair all those years was the fact that there really wasn’t anything exciting within walking distance. The nearest …

Yummy yam paste!

Mooncake Making Workshop

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It’s the eighth month of the lunar calendar. That means the Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon! Tis the season where mooncakes are in abundance! YUM! I love mooncakes! I’ve never attended cooking classes at the community centre before. But I’ve always heard so much about them. A few days ago, out of curiosity, The Girlfriend and I walked into …

Fully Loaded Pizza! MMMMmmm... Great choice!

A Delightful Brunch

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Today, The Girlfriend and I decided to enjoy a slow and leisurely, yet very indulgent brunch (breakfast plus lunch). We decided that at least once a month, we should pamper ourselves and indulge a little in good quality breads, cheese, fresh produce, and anything else that would contribute to a hearty and delicious meal. So, what’s on the menu? Well… …

Don't worry about the charred bits. You can remove them. I assure you, the tomatoes will taste so heavenly once it has been roasted for an hour.

Roasted Tomato Sandwich

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Here’s a follow up to a recent post (See Two Lessons from Recent Cooking Experiments)… In the previous post, I was too excited that I forgot to take photos of the delicious roasted tomatoes. Well, I’ve made another batch of roasted tomatoes and put them in a really delicious sandwich! Here’s a quick recap of how to make roasted tomatoes: …

Camera 360

Eighteen Months Together!

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A few days ago, The Girlfriend and I celebrated our eighteenth mensiversary (month-anniversary). We’ve survived 18 months together! Yay! 18 months is quite a significant period of time! Many people don’t know this, but it’s usually the eighteenth month (well, plus or minus two months) where people in a relationship suddenly begin to question and doubt their love for the …

Camera 360

Curry Chee Cheong Fan!

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If you’re not from Malaysia, this dish probably sounds very strange. Sure, curry is tasty and chee cheong fan (it’s a kind of steamed noodle roll made from rice flour) is just as tasty. But curry and chee cheong fan? For many non-Malaysians, this seems really odd. When I first heard about it, I had a horrified look on my …


Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage

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Today, my friend and I crossed the Causeway for a little pilgrimage to a very special place in our hearts – both figuratively and literally (more about that later! Haha!) As it turns out, the Causeway today was extremely busy because of the annual Chingay procession, which is an extremely large-scale Chinese religious procession. No, we weren’t there for the …

Smashing Soft Boiled Eggs!

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I feel stupid. This morning, I ordered a breakfast set – french toast with two soft boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. I had to crack the egg shells by myself. Unfortunately, I’m still really terrible at cracking egg shells – this, despite the fact that I do a lot of cooking. So… What did I do? I tried …

Coke Boiled with Ginger

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This has got to be the craziest sounding drink EVER! The other day, I was at Central, a Hong Kong cafe located at Star Vista Mall (the newly opened mall next to Buona Vista MRT station), for dinner. While looking at the menu trying to figure out what I should eat, one item in the menu stood out. Take a …


Horse Fat Foot Cream!?

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I usually love Daiso for all the weird and quirky products that they have on sale, but this is – by far – the strangest thing that I’ve ever seen! It’s “Horse Fat Foot Cream”! No joke! Horse fat is listed as an ingredient (see third line, far right on the image below)!!! To be honest, I’m really turned off …

Flat Bread Attempts

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Lately, I’ve found myself interested in making bread. I love the idea of opening the oven and be greeted with the fragrant aroma of freshly baked bread. MMMmmm… Anyway, I have absolutely no bread baking experience, so I thought I’d try making flat breads first. The recipe I found was pretty easy – you don’t even need to add yeast! …

Recipe for Spiced Fried Oats

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I’ve been experimenting with oatmeal recipes lately because I’ve been trying to find a way to make oatmeal more delectable. I don’t really like the usual method which involves boiling oats in water/milk. Anyway, I bought a huge bag of oats from the supermarket the other day and on the bag, it said, “Great for Stir Fries.” I don’t know what …