A Singaporean Company that Makes Awfully Disgusting Buckwheat Coffees and Teas but Claims to be Singapore’s Best

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I have never written a highly negative and damning review before. If it’s a critical review, I’ll usually include something constructive or highlight the product’s redeeming qualities. But this is the first time in my life that I’ve encountered a product that’s so horrendous, there is absolutely nothing positive or redemptive about it that I could comment on. It is truly …

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore

Divine Wine Extraordinaire: A Place with Great Ambiance and Great Wines for Great Company

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A few days ago, I organised a little gathering with friends at the Divine Wine Extraordinaire Bar in Parkview Square. If you’ve never been to Parkview Square, it’s that majestic art deco building diagonally opposite Bugis Junction, that looks like it came out of Gotham City. Some call it the Gotham Building, or the Batman Building (because everybody knows Batman, …

Here's the front of the box!

Teeccino – A tea that aspires to be coffee

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After I blogged about a “A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!”, a friend of mine suggested I try Teeccino. It’s marketed as “America’s #1 Coffee Alternative”, roasted and brewed to taste just like coffee without the caffeine and acidity of coffee. (Personally, coffee without caffeine is heresy! But I’ll give this a go in …


A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!

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I discovered an interesting drink some time ago… It tastes like coffee, smells like coffee, and it even looks like coffee! The weird thing is, it’s NOT coffee at all. I can’t believe it’s not coffee! In fact, it’s a type of tea – barley tea, to be specific. It’s known as “Mugicha” in Japanese, or, “Da Mai Cha (大麦茶)” …

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Ikea Coffee Beans!

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I visited Ikea yesterday and I was quite surprised to learn that they sell Ikea Coffee Beans! Look at that! Coffee beans! 8.8 ounces of caffeine goodness for SGD$4.50! Amazing! A usual bag of about 8 ounces costs SGD$7.90 to SGD$12 (or more if you buy very branded coffee). So, not only is it cheaper, you actually get a little …


An Ode to Coffee!

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Oh wow… It’s been so long since I last drank coffee. I drank a cup today and WOW! I feel so wonderful. I feel like I’m at the top of the world once again! The last time I drank coffee was about a month ago? I’m not sure, but it feels like a long time has passed. I don’t know. …

Coke Boiled with Ginger

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This has got to be the craziest sounding drink EVER! The other day, I was at Central, a Hong Kong cafe located at Star Vista Mall (the newly opened mall next to Buona Vista MRT station), for dinner. While looking at the menu trying to figure out what I should eat, one item in the menu stood out. Take a …

Essays, Once Again

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Well, it’s that time of the semester where essays have to be written. In accordance with my essay-writing “ritual”, I’ll first have to find a nice cosy corner in the library to settle down, and then arm myself with a gigantic cup of coffee. I always imagine myself like the Mentat from Dune, every single time I drink coffee before …

Even my plants love coffee!

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Haha! As it turns out plants love coffee too! Well, you see, before I fed coffee to my plants, my beloved pot of basil has been withering slowly over the past few months. It’s quite bad. Here’s how my plants looked: But then, I discovered that used ground coffee beans are great fertilisers for plants. Since I brew lots and …

Goodbye sleep, hello coffee.

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It’s that time of the semester where work begins to pile up on an exponential level. It’s annoying, really. I have to sacrifice a lot of my favourite activities (for example, kungfu *sobs*) so that I can spend an entire day doing nothing but reading and writing. This coming week, I have THREE things that are due. What this means …


Vietnamese Coffee!

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I’ve always wanted to buy a bag of ground coffee and enjoy the fun of brewing it. Also, for the fun of it, I’ve been wanting to buy a Frenchpress or Aeropress (it’s a piston that uses high pressure to blast hot water through the grounded beans! SGD$60!) or – even better – a Victorian-style coffee maker (it looks like …