Standing in the Rain

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Ahh… It’s lovely to take a walk in the rain. It’s always refreshing, both to the body and to the soul. =) Here’s a little poem that I wrote as recreation amidst the busy schedule: Raindrops gently falling, down from the grey-cloud skies. The smell of fresh cut grass and rain most pleasant sweet. Along the shore, I stand, while …

Sunny, Sunny Singapore!

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Yesterday was a really hot and sunny day – perfect for beautiful photos of the city! Marina Bay: The up and coming commercial district. It won’t replace the existing Central Business District (CBD), but looking at how the government has been placing so great an emphasis over the Marina Bay area, I won’t be surprised that this will be the …

A Hidden Gem in Geylang

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Yesterday, while walking to my calligraphy class in Geylang, I spotted a beautiful neo-classical building hidden away in one of the alleys. It was simply too good to give it a miss! So off I went into the alley to do some exploration! Here’s the little gem that I found! I never expected to see such a building in Geylang …

Tropical Paradise

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I love Singapore! There’s just so many places that’s yet to be explored. I’ve been exploring the island for so many years, and yet, there’s always something new to be discovered! Here’s a new discovery! It really looks like a tropical paradise. It’s so beautiful!


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Managed to catch a very spectacular sunset this evening while walking around Paya Lebar today with some friends. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunrise or a sunset. A beautiful masterpiece painted by God for us all to see and marvel. The tragedy is that we’re often too busy to notice it.

Perfect Haven

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I have found the perfect haven that I can flee to for rest and relaxation. The view is perfect, high up in the sky, shaded from the sun. As I lay back, resting my head, before me is the full view of the sky and the clouds in the day, and the moon and the stars in the night. There, …