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Ikea Coffee Beans!

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I visited Ikea yesterday and I was quite surprised to learn that they sell Ikea Coffee Beans! Look at that! Coffee beans! 8.8 ounces of caffeine goodness for SGD$4.50! Amazing! A usual bag of about 8 ounces costs SGD$7.90 to SGD$12 (or more if you buy very branded coffee). So, not only is it cheaper, you actually get a little …

Goodbye sleep, hello coffee.

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It’s that time of the semester where work begins to pile up on an exponential level. It’s annoying, really. I have to sacrifice a lot of my favourite activities (for example, kungfu *sobs*) so that I can spend an entire day doing nothing but reading and writing. This coming week, I have THREE things that are due. What this means …