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The History and Idea behind Chinese Paper Offerings and the Variety of Paper Goodies!

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The Chinese festival of Qing Ming (清明節 Qingming Jie) just passed a few days ago. This is the time of the year where Chinese would pay respects to their dearly departed relatives and ancestors by visiting and cleaning up their tombs, and to offer both paper offerings and food. Historically, the ancient Chinese (around the time of Confucius and before) …

Vomiting Bile

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“The bile rules the body during the summer and the autumn. As proof of this, it is during this season that people vomit bile spontaneously.” (The Nature of Man in Hippocratic Writings) This is the result of bad translation! Haha… Never ever trust translations. They’re never 100% accurate.

Wisdom from the Tao Te Ching

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名與身孰親?身與貨孰多?得與亡孰病?是故甚愛必大費;多藏必厚亡。知足不辱,知止不殆,可以長久。 Lao Tzu (老子), Tao Te Ching (道德經), n.44 Translation by John Wu (1962): As for your name and your body, which is the dearer? As for your body and your wealth, which is the more to be prized? As for gain and loss, which is the more painful? Thus, an excessive love for anything will cost you dear in …