A Hidden Gem in Geylang

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Yesterday, while walking to my calligraphy class in Geylang, I spotted a beautiful neo-classical building hidden away in one of the alleys. It was simply too good to give it a miss! So off I went into the alley to do some exploration! Here’s the little gem that I found! I never expected to see such a building in Geylang …

The Sights and Colours of Geylang

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In the minds of most people, Geylang is often associated with the red-light district (i.e. prostitution) and everything sleazy. Personally, I think the saddest thing about this is that people just avoid this place altogether thinking that it’s nothing but sleaze. I acknowledge that the sleaze of the area is there, but it is often the focus of most people …


The Shanghai Jazz Era

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I’ve always had a huge fascination for the Shanghai Jazz Era. I don’t think this is the official name. I’m being specific about Shanghai probably because it’s one of the first places to be greatly influenced by Western culture. And it is this unique fusion of East and West in such a style that never ceases to keep me mesmerised. …