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Be Mesmerised and Intrigued by the Perfumes Personally Concocted by a Professional Perfume Maker in Singapore

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The other day, I was exploring Arab Street with a friend, and she decided to introduce me to her friend’s shop. It’s called, “Sifr Aromatics,” and it’s located at 42 Arab Street. Sifr Aromatics – a fragrant place to be Sifr Aromatics is a perfumery. Well, that’s a word you don’t see everyday. Let me explain. It’s a perfume shop. …


The Pilot “Tank” Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen (a.k.a Pilot Vintage Fountain Pen)

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I recently discovered a lovely little gem in Mustafa! Here is the Pilot Tank Non-Self Filling Fountain Pen I don’t know what its official name is. The salesman referred to it simply as a vintage Pilot pen. It’s not really a vintage pen, it’s more like a modern re-creation of a vintage edition. Some websites call it the Pilot Tank Non-Self …