A Song Dynasty (medieval) clock that made use of water/mercury and wheels to track the time. More information about this clock can be found here: http://www.messagetoeagle.com/mechanicclock.php (image above taken from this website too)

Classical Chinese Conceptions of Time

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Time is a fundamental aspect of human life. The experience of time itself influences the way cultures understand time. This understanding of time, in turn, influences the way people distinguish and relate past, present, and future. (Yes that’s right, there are people of different cultures and societies that perceive the relationship of past, present and future differently from the understanding …


Investigating the Relationship between Ritual Propriety and Social Justice in the Early Confucian Tradition

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Here is a draft proposal for a paper I wish to write. In the book, Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times, Joseph Chan argues that there are three principles of a Confucian perspective on social justice. The three principles are: (1) sufficiency for all, where “each household should have an amount of resources sufficient to live a materially …

A scanned page of the Book of Rites

The Lofty Vision of Ritual Propriety in The Book of Rites (禮記 Liji), “Summary of the Rules of Propriety (曲禮 Qu Li), Part 1”

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[This is an exploratory post as part of my research] In this exploratory post, I will focus on the lofty ideals of rituals and its claims of bringing about a harmonious society as expounded in the first chapter of The Book of Rites (禮記 Liji). In approaching the ancient texts, it is important to bear in mind that many of …

A Good Education System Produces People Who Say: “There’s Something Very Wrong with the Education System”

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I attended a conference several months ago. It was a science conference, yet during one of the breaks, it was very interesting to hear academics from all over the world complain about their own education system: “The education system is stifling creativity!” “Young people don’t know how to innovate or think outside the box anymore!” “The education system places too …

Rethinking the Application of Complexity Theory on Education Management and Leadership – A Proposal

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This is a dissertation proposal that I submitted recently for my application to do a masters. It is an attempt at branching out beyond philosophy into the area of policy and leadership/management theory, as well as complexity science. An ambitious attempt at doing a multidisciplinary topic while still revolving around philosophy. I personally am quite excited about it.   Dissertation …


A New Semester Dawns

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Wow… I can’t believe a month of holidays has just gone by. Tomorrow, it’s back to the University. It’ll be the start of yet another 4 months of ransacking the library, pouring through books, books, and more books, and of course, the many cups of coffee and the many overnight marathons. I don’t know… On one hand, I hate it. …