What a beautiful can, what an interesting flavour!

Coca-Cola Cherry – The Perfect Synthesis of Everything You Hate in Coke and Cough Syrup

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I was shopping at Mustafa yesterday when I saw this: What a beautiful can, what an interesting flavour! It’s Coca-cola Cherry Flavour. I thought to myself: Oh, what an interesting flavour! Plus, I was very attracted to the colour of the can. So pretty! The Fiancée warned that it might just taste like cough syrup and coke, as is the …

Here's the front of the box!

Teeccino – A tea that aspires to be coffee

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After I blogged about a “A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!”, a friend of mine suggested I try Teeccino. It’s marketed as “America’s #1 Coffee Alternative”, roasted and brewed to taste just like coffee without the caffeine and acidity of coffee. (Personally, coffee without caffeine is heresy! But I’ll give this a go in …


A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!

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I discovered an interesting drink some time ago… It tastes like coffee, smells like coffee, and it even looks like coffee! The weird thing is, it’s NOT coffee at all. I can’t believe it’s not coffee! In fact, it’s a type of tea – barley tea, to be specific. It’s known as “Mugicha” in Japanese, or, “Da Mai Cha (大麦茶)” …


Purple noodles are the best thing ever made since the invention of sliced bread!

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Recently, at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try purple noodles, and it was mind-blowingly awesome! What makes it even more amazing to me, is the fact that product was locally made right here in Singapore! (You can read more about how awesome it is here: Purple Wheat Noodles Bring Colour to Your Palatte and Plate) It turns out …


Very Reliable, No-Nonsense Washing Machine and Air-Con Repair and Servicing!

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I recently got my washing machine repaired and my air conditioner serviced by a company that’s very professional, fuss-free, and absolutely no-nonsense! I’m so impressed by the quality of their work that I think it’s only right to promote them on my blog (FYI: I’m not receiving any commissions or discounts from them for writing this). The other reason for …

NoQ Store's Online Store

NoQ Store School Holiday Promotion! Enjoy 20% Off ALL Books from Now till Friday!

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I’ve been invited by NoQ store to do a review of their online bookstore. I’m still waiting for my shipment to arrive before I post my review. In the meantime, NoQ is offering a special School Holiday Sale, with a 20% discount on all books from now (3 June) to Friday (6 June, midnight SG time)! Simply go to http://www.noqstore.asia and add …

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Ikea Coffee Beans!

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I visited Ikea yesterday and I was quite surprised to learn that they sell Ikea Coffee Beans! Look at that! Coffee beans! 8.8 ounces of caffeine goodness for SGD$4.50! Amazing! A usual bag of about 8 ounces costs SGD$7.90 to SGD$12 (or more if you buy very branded coffee). So, not only is it cheaper, you actually get a little …

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Someone’s Milking Cows in Singapore and Selling Their Milk!!!

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If you’ve been visiting supermarkets in Singapore lately (especially NTUC), you might have noticed a rather odd brand and packaging that doesn’t blend in at all with all the other milk brands. What am I talking about? This: Holy cow! It’s Vishnu Fresh Milk! It says on the bottle that it’s pure cow’s milk, fresh from Singapore’s own dairy farm. …