Epic Date is Epic

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10 Feb 2012. In the days before, The Girlfriend was down with stomach flu, and so we weren’t able to go out on a romantic date to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day. Being a Friday, we decided we should go out together after lessons to make up for it. So, off we went to a little island near Harbourfront – no, …


A Prologue to The Relationship

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A friend of mine suggested that I should record all the fun and romantic stories that I have with The Girlfriend. The Girlfriend thinks that it’s a fantastic idea too! There are several good reasons for it: (1) There’s something very different about recording events as they happen. When events are recorded in the present moment, the present thoughts, feelings, …

Chinese Valentine’s Day

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The awesome thing about being Chinese is that there are THREE Valentine’s Day in our calendar! Add in the Western Valentine’s Day, and you get FOUR big romantic days! If you’re curious, the three Chinese Valentine’s Days are: (1) Chinese Lantern Festival (元宵節 Yuan Hsiao Chieh – not to be confused with the Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival) which occurs on the 15th …