A Visit to the Institute of South East Asian Studies

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Today, I had the opportunity to visit the Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS). If you’re not familiar with it, this is the institute that publishes several books about South East Asia (nooo… really?) on a wide array of topics, but usually on cultural studies, economics, history, politics, and sociology. I’ve read several books published by them. What makes …


Japanese Supermarket: Meidi-ya!

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One of my favourite past times is to visit the Japanese Supermarket, Meidi-ya, at Liang Court (near Clarke Quay). I love this Japanese Supermarket! There’s always something amazing waiting to be discovered! But if that’s not all, there’s a wide variety of awesome high quality products imported directly from Japan! This place is THE supermarket for the Japanese. Come down …


Exciting Discovery!

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How nice! I just had an exciting discovery today while browsing through the new Popular bookshop at the new Clementi shopping mall. So… What is it? It’s this! It’s a Chinese calligraphy brush with a built-in refillable ink reservoir! It’s kinda like those refillable ink cartridges that you can find in fountain pens, and it even works the same way …

National Day Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition 2011

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My calligraphy teacher invited me to this exhibition today at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Cultural Centre. It was simply amazing. Today was the opening ceremony and so all the Chinese calligraphers and painters who contributed their works to the exhibit, and their friends were all present. To stand in the midst of the various Singaporean masters in calligraphy and painting …

A Hidden Gem in Geylang

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Yesterday, while walking to my calligraphy class in Geylang, I spotted a beautiful neo-classical building hidden away in one of the alleys. It was simply too good to give it a miss! So off I went into the alley to do some exploration! Here’s the little gem that I found! I never expected to see such a building in Geylang …

The Sights and Colours of Geylang

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In the minds of most people, Geylang is often associated with the red-light district (i.e. prostitution) and everything sleazy. Personally, I think the saddest thing about this is that people just avoid this place altogether thinking that it’s nothing but sleaze. I acknowledge that the sleaze of the area is there, but it is often the focus of most people …

Calligraphy Lessons!

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I just attended my first Chinese calligraphy lesson yesterday! Several months back, I thought that I could learn Chinese calligraphy on my own through the internet and some books. But I was wrong. It’s very difficult to make good progress without the aid of a teacher. As it turns out, this teacher is quite a famous calligrapher who has been …


Kampong Lorong Buangkok

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It’s hard to believe that kampongs (villages) still exists in Singapore – a country so densely populated with high rise housing flats and skyscrapers. But lo and behold! Here is the last surviving kampong not too far away from the rest of urbanised civilisation! It’s amazing. It feels a lot like leaving the country to visit a far distant land. …