Funny Sights in Malaysia

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I recently went on a short trip to Malaysia, and had the chance to walk around for a bit. Here are some funny sights I saw! 1. Deformed Blocks! Why buy Lego when you can buy “Deformed Blocks?” Buy this set and you can build a (sub)Optimus Prime with Down Syndrome!   2. Brutally Honest Sign This sign made me laugh only because they’re …


Save Humanity by Donating Your Unused Computing Power!

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Oh wow, this is pretty cool! I just discovered this project known as Folding@Home. It’s a project by Stanford University where you can donate all your unused computing power towards biomedical research! You can donate your unused computing resources to help with research on Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and many different types of cancers. These research projects revolve around the study …

Camera 360

Curry Chee Cheong Fan!

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If you’re not from Malaysia, this dish probably sounds very strange. Sure, curry is tasty and chee cheong fan (it’s a kind of steamed noodle roll made from rice flour) is just as tasty. But curry and chee cheong fan? For many non-Malaysians, this seems really odd. When I first heard about it, I had a horrified look on my …


Najib the Malay Deity in Chinese Religion

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Here’s something interesting about Chinese folk religion. I call it folk religion because it doesn’t fit into the popularly understood categories of Chinese Buddhism or Chinese Taoism. Now, Chinese shrines are often red in colour, since red is a very auspicious colour. However, if you are in Singapore or Malaysia, you might come across a shrine that’s yellow in colour! …


Organise Your Thoughts and Projects with Workflowy!

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This is pretty cool! I just discovered this web application called Workflowy! (I recommend going to to sign up – this will give both you and I FREE storage space!) It’s basically a single document where you can list all your projects and ideas in bullet point form. What’s so special about it? Why not just use Microsoft Word? Let …


Colbar – Colonial Bar

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Hidden in some quiet corner along the AYE (Ayer-Rajah Expressway) near Portsdown, lies a nice little cafe/bar that sells authentic Hainanese-style Western food! Some Singapore history for non-Singaporeans reading this: When the British colonised Singapore, they divided the various ethnicities. The Chinese community was further divided according to their dialect groups. The early Chinese settlers, such as the Hokkiens and …


A Trip Back to Medieval China: A Visit to Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery (連山雙林寺)

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Several months ago, I went on a field trip to visit the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery. It’s a very important place in the history of Chinese Buddhism here in Singapore. Why? Because it was the very first Buddhist temple that was set up on this tiny little island. In our contemporary society, there’s been quite a huge split between religion …