Devotions, when balanced with a healthy dose of intellectualism, can be a light in the darkness. But without intellectualism, it can be the flame that sets the whole house on fire.

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A Worrying Trend Arising Among Religions in Singapore

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Allow me to share something that has been bothering me for some time now. If you’ve been visiting Christian or Buddhist bookshops here in Singapore, and if you’ve been paying attention, you’d notice that over the past few years, there’s been a drop in the selection of intellectual books and a sharp rise in devotional materials. Here are two examples: Novena …

A Good Education System Produces People Who Say: “There’s Something Very Wrong with the Education System”

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I attended a conference several months ago. It was a science conference, yet during one of the breaks, it was very interesting to hear academics from all over the world complain about their own education system: “The education system is stifling creativity!” “Young people don’t know how to innovate or think outside the box anymore!” “The education system places too …

Technology and the Human Problems that Come Along with it

Technology and the human problems that come along with it

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The biggest problems of technology are not technical problems but human problems. While it is indeed true that technology is designed to solve a problem, thereby improving our lives in a certain way, what we don’t often realise is that at the same time, we introduce an array of changes, sometimes anticipated, but more often than not, unanticipated changes that negatively …

"Study or die!"

Perhaps We Have a Wrong Perception of “Naughty” Students

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Some time ago, I was asked to conduct a series of two lectures to a group of secondary school students. This was an after-school activity to enrich the kids. The teacher-in-charge informed me that he had made it mandatory for students to attend the first lecture. The lecture hall was packed. Yet, despite the large numbers, you could easily identify …

The vast numbers of Opposition supporters in recent elections do not just show growing discontent, but also an increasing number of people moving away from the PAP-paradigm due to increase anomalies encountered in their daily subjective experience of Singapore.

A Philosophical Analysis on the Current Political Situation in Singapore: The Case of Shifting Paradigms

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Regardless of whether you are for or against the People’s Action Party (PAP, the current ruling party of Singapore), I think we have arrived at a unique point in our political history where it has become rather futile to discuss who’s right or who’s wrong. I say this because, I think, we are in the midst of transitioning from one …

The Skeptical Catholic

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Is human life always this bewildering, or am I the only bewildered one? Is there actually any man, or anything in a man, that is not bewildered? (Chuang Tzu, Chapter 2, trans. Brook Ziporyn) What man knows is far less than what he does not know. The time he exists is insignificant compared to the time he does not exist. …