More Cat Cuteness!

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I finally got a chance to take a video of the cat running towards me. It’s come to a stage where I don’t need to say anything. The cat will simply recognise me from a distance, and come running while meowing away! Watch the video to see it! Anyway, the good news is that the cat has learnt to use …


Upgraded Cat Tent

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In an attempt to make the cat enjoy the tent more, I decided to upgrade it! Today, I went down to Daiso, bought some cloth, and went back home to sew it onto the tent. (Yes, I CAN sew!) So here it is, the tent with two flaps for added privacy. But wait! That’s not all! I even added a …

Late Night Visit

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It’s 2am and the cat is still in the house. The cat came to visit at 10pm. But my mum put it out of the house at about 11pm because she wanted to sleep, and didn’t want to stay up looking after it. Well, my sister-in-law spotted it still outside our door at 1am, and sent me a text message. …


Cat Toys!

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Today, I was out searching for a tea whisk. I’m trying to master the art of making tea in the Song Dynasty Style (which is also the same way tea is made in the Japanese Tea Ceremony). But instead of getting one, I ended up buying stuff for my beloved cat. I was reading on the Internet that toys are …

Cat, again!

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Just now, I went down to the void deck to find the cat. We saw each other from quite a distance. Once I clapped my hands twice, it started running towards me! Sooooo cuuuteeee!!! Today, we decided to feed it with the newly bought can of “Fancy Feast” cat food. Wow… You should see how fast it gobbled it up! …

The Part-Time Pet Cat

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There are several cats living around the neighbourhood. One cat in particular likes to come up to my floor and sit outside my house door. Apparently, it has a friend (or lover) staying in one of the units in the same floor. Anyway, since this cat comes by very frequently, I decided that it’ll be a great idea to adopt …


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I had a pleasant surprise last night when I was coming back home. There was a cute little cat sitting in front of the door of my house. According to my mum, this cat is a stray cat. Nonetheless, some lady living on the same floor has given it a collar and has been feeding it regularly at the void …