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A “Just Desert” is Not a Land of Righteous Sand, and a “Just Dessert” is a Rightly Portioned Cake with Ice Cream

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Here’s a little-known trivia about the English language. I was reading a book on Political Philosophy when I encountered this: WHAT?! The first thing that went through my head was: What does that mean? For the rest of the chapter, the author continued to use the word, “desert,” but in ways that were so unusual to me. How is a …

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore

Divine Wine Extraordinaire: A Place with Great Ambiance and Great Wines for Great Company

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A few days ago, I organised a little gathering with friends at the Divine Wine Extraordinaire Bar in Parkview Square. If you’ve never been to Parkview Square, it’s that majestic art deco building diagonally opposite Bugis Junction, that looks like it came out of Gotham City. Some call it the Gotham Building, or the Batman Building (because everybody knows Batman, …


Write Like a Scribe

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These few days, I’ve been reading a book so that I can submit a book review to a journal. It’s often the case that academic books can get rather boring. I decided the best way to make things interesting is to attempt calligraphy while I make annotations. So I took out my trusty dip nib a bottle of ink! My …

Wasa Sandwich

The Wasa Sandwich Snack from Ikea is the Perfect Snack for Enemies: Do Not Administer to Friends or Self

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Yesterday, I bought a sandwich biscuit thing from Ikea. It looked nice. I thought this might be a good idea for today’s breakfast. Best of all? It’s only SGD$1.80. Wasa Cheese Tomato & Basil Sandwich from Ikea. Only SGD$1.80! Thus far, I’ve tried quite a number of awesome Ikea foods and snacks, and they’ve all been great. So, I thought …

Chinese Emperor

A Proposal on the Study of Ancient Chinese Rituals and its Relationship with Management

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This is a draft proposal for a paper I wish to write. It’s still very raw, but I like how this project will allow me to engage in the study of Chinese philosophy, Chinese history (and maybe even archaeology), and learn to apply philosophy to some practical area, like resource and operational management. Image Source: In the Analects, li …

A Good Education System Produces People Who Say: “There’s Something Very Wrong with the Education System”

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I attended a conference several months ago. It was a science conference, yet during one of the breaks, it was very interesting to hear academics from all over the world complain about their own education system: “The education system is stifling creativity!” “Young people don’t know how to innovate or think outside the box anymore!” “The education system places too …

FT ACI Smarter World Summit

A Year and a Half in Academia

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Today marks the first day of the academic calendar for universities here in Singapore. Well, for me, it marks my 18th month here in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). That’s a year and a half! It’s amazing how fast time flies. When I first joined NTU, I was, at that point, unsure whether or not to take on academia as a …

Heart shaped pasta

Heart-Shaped Pasta!

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Last weekend, The Fiancée and I were walking around in the Isetan Supermarket at Westgate Shopping Mall. We were looking for things to cook together when we spotted this: Love Pasta by Dalla Coasta It’s a packet of heart-shaped pasta! In fact, this was the last packet on the shelf! Without hesitation, we grabbed it and bought it! And today, …

No Time

Time to Think

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A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with a friend, a professor, at a conference. I haven’t met him in a while, so I asked how he was doing. He made an interesting remark. He said: “I’ve been busy, so busy with work that I don’t have time just to sit down and think. All I need is …


Chinese Islamic Calligraphy

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Every year, during Ramadan (the Islamic period of fasting), there will be a huge bazaar (Pasar Ramadan) set up around the Geylang Serai area, around Paya Lebar MRT station. I’m told that this year is the largest bazaar ever. In the huge tent just in front of the SingPost building (there are several huge tents all over the area), I …

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Why I Avoid Eye Contact in Lifts

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If you’ve ever encountered me in the lift, you’d realised that I’ll just enter the lift and not make any eye contact. I might not even notice you in the lift, even if you’ve tried waving at me. Well, you have to wave very violently to attract my peripheral vision, or at least call out my name. There’s a good reason …