AA Batteries That You Can Recharge Using Micro-USB!

My wireless mouse batteries died a few days back. So I walked into a random shop a few days ago hoping to buy regular AA batteries.

But, something else caught my attention.

Can you see what’s interesting about these batteries?

While these may look like ordinary AA batteries, they have a micro-USB port on them.

A micro-USB port for charging

Yes, that’s right, they are rechargable batteries, each with a built-in micro-USB port so that you can charge them like a smartphone.

It’s by a Singaporean company called, Card-tec, a very interesting company innovatively obsessed with making really cool card-sized gadgets (or anything smaller than that). (Do check out their website, they have very interesting products – I’m seriously contemplating buying their travel adaptor)

Anyway, back to the batteries…

Each battery holds about 1.68 Wh of charge, that’s about 1018 mAh.

Let me translate those numbers for you…

Most devices will require the use of 2 AA batteries, so that brings it up to about 2036 mAh of charge. That’s pretty good actually. A mid-range Android smartphone has a typical capacity of 1800 to 2300 mAh and that will last for almost a day of intensive use (or half a day if you’re constantly watching YouTube)

For comparison, a single Energiser battery holds about 3000 mAh of charge, while a single Eneloop rechargable battery holds about 2000 mAh of charge.

While Card-tec’s battery capacity is rather low (a third of Energiser’s, and half of Eneloop’s), it makes up for the fact that you don’t have to keep buying batteries, and you certainly don’t need to carry around a special and bulky battery charger, since the charging circuit is built into the battery itself.

Best of all, it only takes two hours to charge these batteries. Not bad if you ask me.

I must say that this battery is rather pricey. I got this pack of two for SGD$23. But if you do the math, it may not be so pricey after all.

24 rounds of charging two of these Card-tec batteries is approximately equivalent to buying 8 pairs (or 16x) of Energiser batteries. So, you break even after 24 charge cycles, and since the batteries have a stated life span of 500 charge cycles, you have another 476 times to recharge it. Even if you had to recharge these batteries every day, it’ll still last for more than a year!

Anyway, I’ve been using these batteries for about a week on my wireless mouse. It works fine, so that’s nice. I’ve been using Eveready batteries before this because they were lying around in the house, and they die within a week of use.

The fact that these batteries last longer than shitty Eveready batteries on a single charge is already a good sign.

I’m glad I got these batteries.