Sushi Burrito is a Great Place for Healthy Comfort Food

Let me share with you something I discovered recently.

Two days ago, The Wife and I visited the 100 AM Mall around Tanjong Pagar. And to our pleasant surprise, we spotted this from a distance:


Sushi Burrito! It’s a giant roll of sushi the size of a burrito!

This we had to try!

Though it was a Sunday evening, the staff were very busy preparing the orders for deliveries.

Hard at work, rolling huge sushi burritos!

In our short time there, we saw at least two delivery guys come to pick up bags of sushi burritos. Business must be really good!

We ordered the Crabby Crunch (fried soft shell crab sushi roll) and the Rising Sun (salmon and crab stick). Being the greedy pigs that we are, we added a bag of wasabi chips.

Here are the sushi burritos:

Each sushi burrito is cut into two.

I realised I didn’t put anything on the table for scale. If you need a size comparison, one sushi burrito is bigger than a 6″ Subway sub.

If you love chomping down on sushi, you will definitely love this. While it is not super high quality sushi that you’ll get at high end Japanese restaurants, the sushi is still pretty good. There’s something so satisfying about each bite. It’s soft yet crunchy (because of the vegetables), and so comforting. If you are looking for healthy comfort food, I think this would be it.

They also serve wasabi and soy sauce on the side. So you can eat this the same way as you would with ordinary sushi.

However, I must warn you that eating this can be incredibly messy. We made a huge mess on the table. The sauce inside was just dripping out from the bottom.

But the mess aside, it was really really good.

Here’s the wasabi potato chips:


It tastes amazing! The wasabi flavour is strong, which makes this just so good to eat. I would happily eat this as a snack while watching a movie.

I’ll definitely visit this place again when I’m looking for something healthy and comforting to eat.

Here’s their website:

You can order online for their delicious sushi burritos to be delivered to you.

Alternatively, you can visit them at their shop (and watch them make it in front of you) at:

100 Tras Street
100AM Shopping Mall (beside Amara Hotel)
Singapore 079027