The Penang Glass Museum is a Fun Place to Visit

I visited Penang recently with a group of friends. One of the places we visited was the i-Box Glass Museum.

Penang i-box Glass Museum
The Penang i-box Glass Museum

I didn’t realise Penang had a glass museum.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a glass museum either.

I mean… What else would you see other than glass, right?

Well, we went in anyway. I was curious to find out what could possibly be in such a museum.

There are two parts to the museum. The first part is a gallery that’s like the famous Trick Eye Museum. Not exactly the same standard or size as other Trick Eye Museums, but not too bad. There you’ll find glass objects of various, shapes, colours, and sizes, arranged in a way that allows you to take photos (from specific angles), making it look like you’re a part of the art work.

I soon realised that this museum belongs to a glass manufacturing company.


I have to give them points for creativity and marketing ingenuity. What better way to showcase the glass factory’s products and the ability of their glass-makers, than to have glass made into interesting exhibits for people to see, touch, and feel the various glass they make, as they humour themselves by taking photos of each other and post them onto social media?

It’s like an interactive product catalogue that generates free publicity for itself!

It’s one thing to know that there’s a factory that makes glass. It’s another thing altogether to touch and feel the glass, and to see what one can do with it.

An experience like this will really form an impression in one’s mind on the many possibilities you can do with glass, and it will give you ideas on things to make – as furnishings or decorative items for the house, or even as gifts for other people.

Seriously… This is brilliant!

Here’s some photos of Piglet in action. (Why Piglet? See The Third Object and its Power to Transform the Mundane)

Psychedelic Piglet is psychedelic indeed.
Psychedelic Piglet is psychedelic indeed.
Spider Pig
Spider Pig
Too much dieting may not be a good thing.
Too much dieting may not be a good thing.

The second part is a glass studio where museum participants get to decorate a piece of glass.

There are two ways to decorate the glass. The boring way is to use special glass markers to draw your design on the glass.

The more exciting way involves sand-blasting parts of the glass so that you get a mix of clear and frosted glass.

To do that, we first had to cover the glass with a special sticker, and draw our design with a marker.

That’s probably the difficult part. What do we draw? I wasn’t mentally prepared for this, so I had absolutely no clue. After several minutes of scratching my head, I finally decided to draw this:

Penang i-box Glass Museum
Panda is the answer.

Next, we had to use a knife to cut out the parts that we want frosted.

Penang i-box Glass Museum
Piglet helping out with the cutting.

Here’s how the glass looks now that the sticker has been cut out:

Penang i-box Glass Museum
It is now ready for sand-blasting!

Finally, the entire glass would be put through the sand blasting process. The exposed portions (where we had cut out the sticker) would become frosted. Unfortunately, this was a process that we could not do or watch.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the staff returned us our glass with the parts frosted and the stickers removed.

Here’s the final product:

Penang i-box Glass Museum
The final product, with the exposed portions frosted because of the sand-blasting process

Well, this museum was a lot of fun, especially the glass art segment.

I might come again just for the fun of making my own glass art in the future.

In the mean time, I’ll draw to make a small light box to put this panda glass in it.