Be Mesmerised and Intrigued by the Perfumes Personally Concocted by a Professional Perfume Maker in Singapore

The other day, I was exploring Arab Street with a friend, and she decided to introduce me to her friend’s shop.

It’s called, “Sifr Aromatics,” and it’s located at 42 Arab Street.

Sifr Aromatics – a fragrant place to be

Sifr Aromatics is a perfumery.

Well, that’s a word you don’t see everyday. Let me explain.

It’s a perfume shop. But it’s no ordinary perfume shop. The owner of the shop makes perfumes by hand RIGHT HERE IN THIS SHOP, and this is where he sells his creations.

The perfume maker’s work bench – where fragrant perfumes are concocted by hand. This is where the magic happens.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shop like this before. Wow…

As it is, he has many amazing fragrances on sale already. And if I’m not wrong, you can also customise scents to your liking. He also has to option of selling perfumes with or without alcohol, as such his perfumes are friendly to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

I sampled a few fragrances and wow – they are amazing. I don’t know how to describe smells, so the only thing I can say is: come and smell them all for yourself! This shop presents a very unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else in Singapore – and definitely not one you can find at the perfume section of department stores.

In addition, this shop sells a wide variety of scented candles and unique perfume bottles.

On sale are a variety of perfumes, scented candles, and perfume bottles, both new and antique.


The scented candles are lovely and many of these fragrances cannot be found elsewhere.

But let me share with you my excitement over the perfume bottles. The bottles are so lovely and unique. Not only can you find antique perfume bottles, but you can also find many exotic designs, most of which are very Middle Eastern in style.

I particularly like this design:

These look like potion bottles, and evoke in my imagination the feelings of magic and mystery.


It’s made entirely out of glass and the glass cap has a perfume applicator attached to it. I love how this looks like a potion bottle. They come in various sizes too.

I was also very amazed by perfume bottles with the old-style atomiser sprays. Like this:

This is the first time I’ve seen this in real life. I never knew perfume bottles could look so beautiful and elegant.


These bottles are so rare. I’ve seen it before on TV, but never in real life. It was quite an experience, one that left me in awe and wonder.

Considering how Christmas is coming, if you can’t decide what to get as a gift, why not give this shop a try? There are a variety of unique gift options here. You could get a potion bottle, a scented candle, or one of the hand crafted perfumes made by the shop owner himself.

Here’s the website if you’re curious to know more:

Do go and be mesmerised by the scents and the experience of the shop!