A Singaporean Company that Makes Awfully Disgusting Buckwheat Coffees and Teas but Claims to be Singapore’s Best

I have never written a highly negative and damning review before. If it’s a critical review, I’ll usually include something constructive or highlight the product’s redeeming qualities. But this is the first time in my life that I’ve encountered a product that’s so horrendous, there is absolutely nothing positive or redemptive about it that I could comment on. It is truly a horrid product. Do read on to find out why, and please do not buy this product at all.

Just the other day, I saw an ad on the bus about a company called “BHP” offering to deliver free samples of their buckwheat green tea and coffee. They claim to be “Singapore’s bestselling” too.

Since it’s free, I thought… Why not?

So I visited their website and ordered a free sample.


I received it in the mail yesterday!

The coffee and tea come in similar shiny foil packets.


And when you tear it open, you’ll find a sachet containing the coffee/tea.


The coffee and tea bags smell amazing when you take it out of the packet.

But of course, the most important question is this: How do they taste? Is it worth trying?

Let me start first with the tea.

Even though it’s buckwheat green tea, the tea smells a lot like the Japanese genmaicha (玄米茶 xuanmicha), also known as brown rice green tea. The tea tastes really great and it was very soothing to the throat. Oddly enough, it tasted like genmaicha.

I’ve drank buckwheat tea before, and this really doesn’t taste anything like buckwheat. No matter. I was enjoying the taste of it anyway.

However, I forgot about the instructions requiring that the tea bag be steeped in the cup for 2-3 minutes, and instead left it in there for at least 10 minutes. By then, the tea developed a very strong sourish taste. This is the first time I’ve encountered a teabag tea that tasted so bad despite being in the cup for such a short time. If it were any other tea bag, it wouldn’t have turned so terribly sour at all, and even so, never in such a short span of time!

Very peculiar… I wonder if they used good quality ingredients. It doesn’t seem that way. I wanted to give this tea a good rating, but the turn of events really changed my perception of the brand.

After lunch, I decided to try the coffee.

It smelt really good fresh out of the packet, and I thought that I’d be treated to a really delicious cup. However, after adding hot water (the same hot mineral water that I use to make my coffees and teas), the coffee developed a horrible sour stench! I don’t know how to describe the smell, but it was definitely far from pleasant. It was putrid and wretched, like wet socks left in a plastic bag for several days.

It was very bad.

For the sake of writing this review, I decided to give it a taste.

I took a sip…

… and I spat it out.

It was horrible!

It’s like soup made from dirty socks! The coffee had a rotten sour taste to it. I’m not exaggerating. It was THAT bad. It didn’t taste of coffee AT ALL!

How is this even coffee? This is terrible!

I poured the entire cup away and rinsed my mouth.

Well, it was an adventure trying out something free. But seriously this is NOT Singapore’s bestselling buckwheat tea or coffee. It’s the worst that’s out there. I’ve never had anything so bad in my life.

The tea was ok provided you abide by the 2-3 minute rule. But considering how the tea can turn sour so quickly after that, I doubt the quality of the tea is good. You don’t get this at all by leaving your neighbourhood coffeeshop teabag in your cup throughout your meal. So why should this be an exception? And, unless buckwheat tastes sour as hell, I don’t think I’ve tasted any buckwheat at all in their coffee or tea. (Buckwheat does not taste this bad, by the way).

Could this be a bad batch? Maybe. If it were, it means that their quality control is so poor that they would allow so many poor quality sachets of coffee/tea to be distributed.

There are better teas and coffees out there. Avoid this brand like the plague.