Oh My Bacon!

A few days ago, I visited an eatery with a few friends. We’ve been yearning to visit it for quite some time. Why the yearning? Because it’s a place dedicated to… BACON!

Yes! OH MY BACON is it’s name! And oh my bacon indeed! My friend told me about how this place sells everything with bacon in it – including desserts!

This was something I had to try!

The first thing that struck me as being very very odd was the fact that this bacon eatery is located a couple of metres away from a mosque!

Just to be clear, it’s not directly adjacent to the mosque. My estimate is that it’s about 10 metres away. It’s an eatery that really stands out from the rest of the eateries in the area – the others are all Malay-Muslim or Indian-Muslim eateries. I’m guessing that’s the reason why their signage outside says, “OMB,” instead of its full name. Anyway, I don’t think this is the right place to have a bacon shop. It’s rather insensitive.

OMB - Oh my bacon!
OMB – Oh my bacon!

But I could be mistaken…

Anyway, the concept and design of Oh My Bacon is very interesting. The walls and cushions are filled with pro-bacon propaganda and cute drawings of bacon. I love the furnishing and the bright colours.

Bacon propaganda!
Bacon propaganda!

The menu sounded really exciting as well. All day breakfast with bacon, pasta with bacon, pancakes with bacon, meat with bacon, bacon with more bacon, and more interestingly, chocolate brownie with bacon, and bacon-flavoured ice-cream!

The four of us ordered lots of bacon goodies!

The Fiancee and I thought it might be worthwhile to try this bacon dipped in chocolate. It was already sitting in the display case, ready to be served.

Bacon and chocolate. Yum? Only one way to find out.
Bacon and chocolate. Yum? Only one way to find out.

Let’s put aside the thought that bacon and chocolate might be a gross idea for a moment and image: what would bacon and chocolate taste like when they’re put together?

A mix of something sweet, bitter (from the chocolate), and maybe salty?

Well, The Fiancee and I tried it. Our friends asked what we thought of it. There was a long moment of silence from us, not because it tasted weird. But the experience was highly unusual. You know how a wave and its inverse wave cancel each other out? That’s exactly what we experience. Bacon and chocolate are like the inverse of each other. Their taste “waves” are the inverse of each other to such an extent, that we could taste absolutely nothing. We were just chewing a rather chewy bacon and chocolate, not able to taste the bacon or chocolate at all. It was surprisingly bland. The long moment of silence came from trying very hard to taste a flavour, but there was none!

Wow, I had no idea that this was possible.

Anyway, moments later, the other dishes came, and it was time to enjoy the bacon goodies!

Here’s what we ordered:

All day breakfast menu!
Bacon carbonara

My favourite was the roast duck wrapped in bacon, and the eggs baked in a bacon-cup. They were a little too salty (it’s bacon, what do you expect), but they were really delicious.

Duck and bacon. My favourite!
Eggs baked in a bacon cup. YUM!

The pancakes were ok. They’re not as fluffy as the menu described them to be. But, we were very impressed that they served SCS butter, and not some cheapo brand. SCS Butter is delicious! That made the pancakes delicious.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Bacon desserts!

We ordered a chocolate brownie with bacon, and bacon-flavoured ice-cream. Here’s what we got:

Bacon chocolate brownies and bacon-flavoured ice cream.
Bacon chocolate brownies and bacon-flavoured ice cream. Looks delicious!

The chocolate brownie was nice. But the implementation of the bacon was rather disappointing. It was just bacon bits sprinkled on top of the brownie. Just a few sprinkles though, would have been nice if there were a little bit more bacon. I felt rather cheated that it wasn’t whole pieces of bacon baked within the brownie. But then again, that may not work well, because we learnt earlier that the flavours of chocolate and bacon cancel each other out to produce a surprising blandness.

The bacon-flavoured ice cream was disappointing. It didn’t taste of bacon at all. It tasted more like a salty version of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream still tasted good. But they really shouldn’t call it bacon-flavoured ice cream if it’s just going to be salty vanilla ice cream.

Overall, the experience was pretty alright. The food was nice. The concept of having bacon with everything is a cool idea. And I must give them credit for having the audacity to try putting bacon on everything – including cake. Few will dare to do this and sell it to people, because most would just cringe at the thought of bacon with anything other than a breakfast menu. I applaud them for the courage!

While the ideas were novel and interesting, the execution was poor.

For example, bacon and asparagus is nice (I’ve tried it before). But the asparagus wasn’t properly cooked. And for a long stalk of asparagus, only one strip of bacon was used to wrap around the middle. You could easily wrap several strips of bacon around the entire stalk of asparagus.

The asparagus could have been cooked better. And why so little bacon?
The asparagus could have been cooked better. And why so little bacon?

Or the pancakes with bacon. There was little creativity put into the execution of the dish. It was literally pancakes with two minuscule strips of bacon (I suspect it’s just one strip broken into two), with some fruits at the side. That was disappointing. Firstly, as a bacon-lover place, there should be more bacon. And secondly, I could easily get such pancakes with bacon (and lots more bacon) anywhere else at a much lower price. There isn’t anything special about it. The fruits didn’t match the bacon either. If the pancakes were cooked in bacon fat, now that would be worthwhile.

Pancakes with bacon. Not as great as it sounds on the menu.
Pancakes with bacon. Not as great as it sounds on the menu.

The greatest injustice one could do towards bacon is to let bacon take a backseat in the dishes. Sure, they speak about bacon as the lead actor in the menu. But in the dishes, it’s like a garnish or a side. Nothing was done to bring out the awesomeness of bacon. Bacon wasn’t the lead actor in these dishes. It was the trusty sidekick that will always be there for the main hero.

This was the promise, which they failed to achieve. Bacon was not the star of the show, but the trusty sidekick that's always there. A grave injustice to bacon.
This was the promise, which they failed to achieve. Bacon was not the star of the show, but the trusty sidekick that’s always there. A grave injustice to bacon.

A real bacon-lover place would treat the customers to the many different ways of preparing the bacon, of preparing the dishes in a way that would bring out the awesomeness of bacon. Just putting bacon at the side of everything doesn’t do bacon justice, especially when the bacon is cooked the same way for almost everything (the American style, where it’s hard and crispy).

Nothing really unique, nothing to justify the high prices.

One can’t help but get a sense that they tried a little too hard to make bacon awesome, stretching it far beyond the limits of the abilities of the people running the place. The decoration of the shop reflects this attempt at trying too hard. When you enter the shop, the cartoons and jokes at the front of the shop are cute, adorable and funny. But as you head towards the back of the shop, the bacon jokes start to get really dry (like the bacon they serve), and worse of all, they regress into really awful puns. The bacon cartoon on the toilet door is about bacon and shit. Not funny. Last thing I want is to associate my food with shit.

That being said, I do hope they improve. The menu is great, but the execution is as bland as their chocolate and bacon combination. I do hope that they can revamp their preparation and cooking style to make bacon the star of the show. I believe that with the creativity and audacity that they had to come up with an eatery concept and menu like this, they just need a little push to go further. I believe they can do it.

Do bacon some justice! I know you can!